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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Japanese Makeup Haul

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I uploaded my Japanese Makeup Haul video on my channel! Usually when I go to Japan I spend SO much money on makeup! I find that Japanese makeup is really cheap but also really good quality. Here are the items that I bought when I was in Japan! Some of the best Japanese makeup items!

If you guys haven't seen the video yet, it is at the bottom of this blog post, but for now I am going to blog about the items I bought!

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliner

I bought the eyeliner last year in Japan but this year it was released with a lid! It's SOO cute that I had to get it! I reviewed the eyeliner last year and I really did like it, but I found that it did dry up much quicker than my other eyeliners :(

You can get the eyeliner here:

Daiso Powder Foundation

I decided to buy a bunch of makeup from the 100 yen store! I've never tried it before so I decided to buy a whole bunch so I can film a 100yen makeup challenge! hehe.

Daiso Eyeshadow

Daiso Eyeliner

Daiso Mascara

Daiso Blush

Dolly Wink Brown Pencil Eyeliner 

Get the eyeliner here:

Love Switch Pink Brown Eyeliner 

Get the eyeliner here:

Love Switch Pink Brown Mascara 

Get the mascara here:

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara


I absolutely loved the Herione Make Long & Curl Mascara so I decided to try the volume version! Unfortunately I didn't like the volume one as much, the long and curl one is so much better!

Get the mascara here:

Heroine Make Volume Curl Mascara 

They also came out with a super waterproof version so I was interested to try it out. To be honest I don't really recommend this because it's even harder to remove and the volume one isn't great :(

Get the mascara here:

D.U.P Brown Mix Lashes 913 

These are my favourite lashes! I can wear them all day, they are super comfortable and look really natural as well!

Get the lashes here:

Diamond Lash Demi Lashes 

I love demi lashes since they look a lot more natural! They are also super easy to apply and it's quite cheap since they last a very long time!

Get the lashes here:

Diamond Lash Honey Eyes 

I got these because I wanted to do more of a gyaru makeup look. I don't really use bottom lashes much because I find they make me look just a bit creepy! But these ones are more natural!

Get the lashes here:

KORRES Lip Butter

I got this in Japan but it's a Greek brand. I absolutely LOVE this! You can use it as a blush as well as a lipbalm, super moisturizing and love the pigmentation!

Get the lip balm here:

KORRES Mandarin Lip Butter Stick 


I LOVE this colour, the lipstick is also super moisturizing!

Get the lipstick here:

Jill Stuart Stay True Gel Eyeliner 

I got this eyeliner at the airport! I wasn't planning on buying Jill Stuart makeup but I had a lot of time at the airport so I decided to go check it out. I tried out this gel eyeliner and I LOVED how creamy it was so I just had to get it!

Get the eyeliner here:

Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge 

Isn't this the most GORGEOUS lipgloss packaging ever?!? I LOVE it so much and the quality is awesome!!

Get the lipgloss here:

Biore Nose Strips

I really wanted to get rid of my blackheads so I decided to try out the Biore nose strips! Haven't actually tried them out yet though so hope they are good!

Get them here:

For those who haven't seen the video yet:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner 03 Cosmic Navy Review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner in 03 Cosmic Navy. I don't really use gel eyeliners, I prefer liquid but I find that gel eyeliners work best if you want to do smokey eye looks.


I got this in Cosmic Navy because I already have a black eyeliner (MAC Fluidline Blacktrack). I wanted something different and the colour looks really nice!



I recommend you applying with a thin eyeliner brush. I have the Jill Stuart eyeliner brush but I find that it doesn't work well at all. I prefer using the MAC angled eyeliner brush since it gives you very precise lines.

Final Look:

Final Verdict
- Eyeliner is very creamy and glides on very easily
- Very pigmented, colour comes on really well

- A bit expensive and hard to get your hands on
- Smudges a bit easily but if you want to go for a smokey eye look it is easy to smudge it out

Thursday, May 28, 2015

01/04/15 First Day in Seoul

Hi everyone!

It's been so long since I last blogged. I kind of stopped blogging because life just got really busy and I just wanted to focus more on Youtube. However I have sooo much to blog about since I just came back from Korea/Japan so hopefully there will be more regular blog posts from now on!

I left Perth airport. I pretty much packed empty, I planned to buy everything in Korea and Japan

My ride to Seoul

I had to make a quick stopover in Singapore Changi airport

Was hungry so I decided to get something quick to eat. Didn't have much time so I bought some quick takeaway.

I arrived in Korea~

I took the bus to my hotel... however I missed my bus stop because the other tourists were being so loud on the bus. I had all my luggage with me so I decided to just take a taxi to the hotel since it was somewhere close by. So yes, the ride was 5 minutes... I saw on the meter it was 4300won which is approximately $5. I gave the driver 5000won and was going to tip him as well, but then he turned off the meter and told me it was 43000won. I was so confused since I only exchanged around $100 (I was planning on using my card in Korea). When the taxi driver realized I was thinking why it was so expensive, he zoomed off with my money. Real crappy start to my trip. I was so angry because I didn't really know the conversion of Korean won (first time in Korea, and I didn't have time to read up about it before my trip cos a lot of things happened). I should've taken a photo of the taxi... but oh well, I heard it has happened to a lot of people so beware of taxi scams in Korea.

Anyway, I got to the hotel in the end in one piece, and then settled down a bit before heading out. The first day was to do some sightseeing so first stop was Changdeokgung (창덕궁).

To enter it was like $3? There wasn't really much to do in there, it's huge and you can just walk around and enjoy the nice sights

Taking photos around the castle~

It was spring so there were lots of pretty flowers ~

Taking a quick break~


After that we went to have lunch at Bukchon Village ~ Had udon noodles in a spicy soup~ was really good!!

Bukchon village is lovely. It's quite small but it has old traditional Korean style buildings there

Random picture in front of a highschool haha

Love this view

For dinner I met up with one of my friends Bronwyn!

She also has a Youtube channel so be sure to check it out!

She also bought her friend along, Eunice from WishtrendTV! They also have a channel:

It was SO nice to meet them both, they were so lovely and it was great to chat over good food!

Why is there a gorilla climbing up here?


After dinner Eunice unfortunately had to leave, but Bronwyn took us out to shop! I didn't take any photos while shopping but I did vlog it so if you guys are interested, watch my Korean vlog video!!

That's all for now~ Hope you guys enjoyed it and look forward to more blogs!