Daiso Japan Beauty Products - 100 Yen

Hi everyone!!

Not sure if you noticed but I changed my blog layout!! I got sick of the other layout and wanted something more simple, hope you guys like it! I know I have been neglecting my blog a lot... When I moved to Japan I thought I would have more time to work on my blog and Youtube, however work has been so busy I haven't had time to do any of that :( But I will try my hardest to spend whatever time I have free to work on my blog!

Today I'm going to talk about some Beauty Products from Daiso! Daiso is a 100yen store in Japan and they also have stores in other countries! 100yen is about $1, and they have some pretty cool things in there. In Japan, Daiso is huge and they have a lot of interesting beauty products in there, so I bought 10 of them to try out!

Item 1: Face Mask

I thought this was really unique and cool! This has mini face masks that are in a form of a tablet! To use them you just put the tablet into the tray and pour in your toner or essence!

Then it expands into a sheet mask!

I found that the mask wasn't very moisturizing, I felt maybe because the toner I used was too heavy. I think if you use this with an essence it would be better!

Item 2: Silicon mask

I thought this item was SO cool! You put this over your sheet mask to keep it in place and also to keep the hydration there.

I always have a problem with sheet masks being too big for my face so this item is perfect for me. You can also wash this and reuse it!

Item 3: Wash Net

This item is meant to help create foam for your cleansers. It worked really well and is really gentle on your skin. You just apply your cleanser onto the foam, wet it and then rub it together

Item 4: Pore Care Pack

This item is meant to help you get rid of pores. To me it didn't make much of a difference to be honest..

You wet your nose, stick it on and leave it for about 5-10 minutes, then you rip it off...

It hurts so much though!!!!

I felt it didn't really do that much for my skin. My nose felt the same.

Item 5: Face Roller

This item was really popular a while ago so I thought I'd try it out. Apparently it's meant to give you a smaller face... I don't think it works personally but it does feel quite nice if you have tense muscles

Item 6: Eyebrow Template

I honestly thought this item would be a disaster. I tried it out and LOVED it!!

If you suck at doing eyebrows like me, this is perfect for you! I felt it was SO easy to use and the shape was really good too!!

Item 7: Double Eyelid Tape

I never used double eyelid tape before so I thought I'd try it out.

I have no idea what I'm doing...

Yeah, I probably did it wrong but you get the idea haha

Item 8: Smooth Skin

This item confused me... some people told me it removes hair but it doesn't work for me haha. I felt that it didn't do anything

Item 9: Head Massage

This is an octopus shaped head massager that is meant to feel good? But it felt hard and didn't feel good at all unfortunately haha

Item 10: Foot mask

This is just like the silicon face mask except a foot version. It does keep your feet really moisturized after!

Here is the video if you guys haven't seen it yet!!

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N Review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing an item that has been quite popular for a while, the Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color Ns! Today I'm actually going to be reviewing 2 of them. I have done reviews on this item in the past (you can read it if you click here)

I bought these online and in Hong Kong when I went on my trip a few years ago.


I have used these in the past and loved them so much that I had to buy them again! These are great eyeshadows to use if you are in a rush. You can just quickly apply it and it only takes about 2 minutes to do your eye makeup!

As usual for Jill Stuart Makeup, the packaging is very princess-like

This one is in 07 Jewel Flash

Applied with no eye primer

And this one is 09 in Midnight Shine.


I find it SO easy to apply these, just use your fingers and it blends in!


I do recommend you use a primer first as the eyeshadows apply on more smoothly. Right eye is with primer and left eye is without eye primer. Also, if you don't apply eye primer I find that the eyeshadows tend to come off very quickly and then will start to kind of fall around your eye area.

Final Verdict:
- SO easy to apply! Very good for quick makeup looks
- The colours are all so gorgeous and blends in so well with eachother

- Kind of expensive, almost $30 for just one of these
- You will need an eye primer, if you don't then these eyeshadows will come off really quickly

Allamanda Lucky Bag 2016 Fukubukuro アラマンダ福袋2016年

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to reveal what is inside the Allamanda Fukubukuro 2016 bag!

Fukubukuro is a "lucky bag" in Japan which you can buy in the new years, I went to Shibuya109 to get my bags this morning!


The bag was 10,000yen and 9 items inside.

Grey coat! It's cute but it's not my style so I gave it to my friend Sharla instead haha.

Striped turtle neck! I really like this item!

Turtle neck. Eh very plain item :/

Red tank top. This is a very meh item I think.. lol

Pink cardigan.. This is quite cute, can wear during the summer

Dark blue blouse. Probably one of my favourite items in this bag. I have a short sleeve version of this and love it.

Brown belt~

Long black skirt... Honestly don't know how to think of this item lol.

Long grey cardigan. I really like this one actually!

Overall... Quite disappointed in this bag. The Allamanda store is SO cute but the bags in the item are VERY plain compared to the rest of the items in the brand. Really sucked cos if I knew what was in the bag I wouldn't have bought the bag. But oh well.. lol.

Watch the unboxing video here:

INGNI Lucky Bag 2016 Fukubukuro イング福袋2016年

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to reveal what is inside the INGNI Fukubukuro 2016 bag!

Fukubukuro is a "lucky bag" in Japan which you can buy in the new years, I went to Shibuya109 to get my bags this morning!

I decided to get the INGNI bag since I really love the brand INGNI, it's casual but also cute at the same time!


The bag was 10,000yen and 13 items inside.

First item is this coat! The quality is not too bad, but I think that usually for fukubukuros, the quality isn't too great.

This is a nice cardigan! I don't have anything like this so I'm glad I got something!

Floral skirt~ It's a bit longer to a skirt that I would usually wear but I may find a use for it later ~ haha

Stripy top! It's really nice and I like it!

Knitted dress, I LOVELOVELOVE this!! I thought it was a sweater but when I opened it, I was very surprised, I like it so much!!!

Navy sweater! It also comes with a fake shirt collar inside. I really like this! I don't have anything like this and I was going to buy one like this the other day so lucky I didn't!!

Really simple sweater, I really like this one, easy to pair up with things!

Khaki oversized sweater. Really love this, it's super comfortable!!

Long sleeve printed shirt. I think this a bit strange for me and probably won't wear this out LOL.

Printed T-shirt. I usually don't wear T-shirts with prints but I don't mind this one so much~

Cute pair of socks!

Jeggings! I really love these. Super comfortable! Only thing is that this is a one size lucky bag which means you can't choose the size. It is a little loose on me but it's not too bad. These were a size 38 I think!

Tote bag! The quality is actually really nice for this, I will use it when I carry around heavy items~

Overall I'm really happy with this bag! there were SO many items in here! Even though there were some items I wouldn't really wear, most of the bag was really good so I'm happy with it!

Watch the unboxing video here: