Ettusais Rose Cheek Color Review

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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite blushes, the Ettusais Rose Cheek Color!

These were sent to me from Ettusais Japan, and I have to say I really really love the brand so far!

It comes in 2 colours, Apricot and Pink.


I'm going to be using the Apricot blush~
What I absolutely LOVE about this item is the packaging!

Isn't it cool? The bottom bit comes off and is actually a powder puff that you can use to apply your blush with! No brushes needed so it's perfect to carry around!

Applying the blush~

My Verdict~
- Great pigmentation, lovely colour~
- The packaging is sooo good! Perfect to put in your bag and to carry around!
- Lasts the whole day

- Sometimes it's a bit hard to blend with the small powder puff. I always find that after I apply the blush I have to run my hand on my cheeks to blend it properly
- It is quite expensive for the size

You can try out this lovely blush below:

OOTD: Simple, yet Girly

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you an outfit that I wore a few days ago!

When I go out now, I want to try take more photos of my outfit to blog more often!

It's still been pretty hot lately in Australia but it does get quite chilly at night time. I love wearing a dress that isn't too hot and not too cold to wear!

I had a pretty lazy day so I just tied my hair up into a side pony-tail and then wore some wedges to finish the look

It's an effortless look~

Dress is from Pinkygirls from the Spring 2012 collection. I saw it online before and really loved it. I didn't think that I would be able to go to Japan anytime during 2012 so I was going to Taobao the dress, but luckily that was when Liz Lisa flew me over to Japan for the first time so I got to buy the dress! It was also 70% off as well since I was in Japan during summer!

The shoes I got from a shoe shop in Japan called "Feminine Cafe". It's my favourite shoe shop since they have heaps of gorgeous shoes and everything is quite cheap!

I also posted on LookBook for the first time with this outfit! Please hype it if you like it ^^

Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer!

I got this product at Target when I was in LA

The packaging is very simple with a blush and a bronzer. They are quite big in size.


The blush is a peachy colour and the bronzer is a dark brown shade.
The peach is quite pigmented, and the bronzer I find is a bit too pigmented so it's really easy to apply too much product on. The blush has some shimmer to it and the bronzer is more matte.

You can use any blush brush to apply~

Overall I really like the blush, it looks nice and natural and is buildable. The bronzer I have to give it a miss to be honest. It might just be my skintone but I find that it looks way too dark and obvious (I prefer natural makeup).

My Verdict~

- Very Cheap! This was around $3!
- The blush is really pretty and does last quite a while
- The bronzer is very pigmented which might be great for some people.

- I don't like the bronzer, way too dark for my liking

You can purchase this blush and bronzer here:

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliners Review & Giveaway

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing some of my favourite eyeliners that I discovered in Japan recently!

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliners

You can find these eyeliners pretty much in any drugstore in Japan. Donkihote also sells them! The liquid eyeliners are 1250yen ($13) each and the pencil eyeliner is 945yen (~$10). For those living overseas, you can buy them on Ebay for quite a reasonable price.

I got these eyeliners mainly because I absolutely love Sailor Moon! To be honest I thought the eyeliners wouldn't be good quality since trying out the testers I wasn't so impressed. I wasn't going to buy all of them but in the end I caved in and did anyway.

Overall I am really impressed with these eyeliners! They are great quality and I definitely recommend the to everyone. The testers I used at the stores were all used up really badly so that's why I was disappointed at the quality, but using them properly they will be great!

First I'm going to review the Black and Brown Liquid Eyeliners.

First I will start with the black.
As you can see the packaging is lovely with the moon princess at the front!

You can open up the front cover~

The back

The eyeliner itself


As you can see it's really smooth and it is super easy to use! It reminds me of the Dolly Wink Eyeliner which is one of my favourite eyeliners ever. It also doesn't smudge at all!

You can purchase the Black Eyeliner here:

Brown Eyeliner~

The packaging is pretty much the same as the black eyeliner

The eyeliner itself has "Miracle Romance" written in brown so easier to read than the black which was written in white

Sharp tip so it is very easy to apply and easy to do light strokes for your eyeliner.


Like the black eyeliner it is great and really easy to use! I absolutely love these 2 eyeliners and would recommend them to anyone! Both eyeliners remind of both the Dolly Wink black and brown liners and they work pretty much the same I think.

Next I'm going to review the Miracle Romance Cream Pencil Eyeliner!

They only released the pencil eyeliner for Sailor Moon. I usually stay away from pencil eyeliners because I find them not as easy to apply as liquid liners. However I really do like this one!

Same as the other liners, you can open up the front:

The back:

The pencil eyeliner itself:


I was so surprised when I swatched this the first time because it's sooooo smooth! Such a lovely eyeliner with lovely packaging! I also stayed away from pencil eyeliners because they smudge a lot, but this one didn't smudge at all!

Next is the Sailor Mercury and Mars Eyeliner~ the "Colour Liquid Eyeliner"

I was hesitant to buy the Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars liquid eyeliners because using the testers, the eyeliners looked really messy! But after owning these, I really like them! If you are careful with them, then they aren't messy at all.

Sailor Mercury Colour Liquid Eyeliner

You can open it~

The back:

The eyeliner:

To use this you have to push in the eyeliner and then twist the end for it to work. When you twist the end for the liquid to come out.


As you can see I had too much product when I swatched it the first time. If you're not careful and twist the eyeliner too much, too much liquid will come out. The eyeliner doesn't smudge at all which is great! This is a great eyeliner if you want to use it for different makeup looks, but I can't see myself using this as much so I recommend only getting this if you are into using different coloured eyeliners.

And the last eyeliner!
Sailor Mars Colour Liquid Eyeliner

Open up for Sailor Mars~

The back:

The eyeliner itself is the same as the Mercury one

I didn't twist it as much so not as much of the eyeliner came out


As you can see the colour is lovely! And I was careful to not apply too much of the eyeliner on my hand.

Here is a video version of the review I did! Also there is a giveaway! I'm going to be giving away one of the black liquid eyeliners!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post~!