Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in OR302 Review ジョリカマジョルカ パフ・デ・チーク: アプリコットマカロン

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another makeup review for you guys~!

Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in OR302

(I wasn't wearing any blush in that photo, I forgot to take one with the product after so this will have to do for now :x I'll take note for next time)

I bought this blush when I was in Japan the first time, I instantly fell in love with the packaging! It's super cute and reminds me of macaroons! (Well, the name of the colour of the item I'm reviewing is called "Apricot Macaroon" so no surprise there!)

This item is also really cheap for the quality you get. It is around $10 in Japan, but you can buy them online as well from sites like Imomoko, Sasa or Ebay. In Japan you can find these in most drugstores.

The blush comes with an adorable powder puff!

The powder puff is super easy and convenient to use! It picks up the blush pigments very easily. However, because it picks up the pigments very easily, you have to be careful to not apply too much blush on. Many times I found that I applied too much blush on and had to end up rubbing some of it off or by applying more powder on to hide it.

The colour I'm going to review today is OR302 - Apricot Macaroon

I never used to wear orange blush, but lately I've been liking them a lot more. I love wearing pink makeup on my eyes, and by using an orange blush, it doesn't make my face look "too pink".

Applying the blush~

As you can see, the blush blends in very easily with your skin

Overall I think that this blush is definitely worth checking out if you are someone that loves cute packaging! Also this blush is small so it's easy to just slip into your makeup bag. I usually carry this one around in mine since I find that the orange blush usually goes well with any makeup looks that I do! I also have this in pink so I will review it later :) But for now..

- Very pigmented blush!
- The packaging is adorable!
- Very small so easy to carry around
- Cheap!

- You can easily apply too much on sometimes, have to be careful

You can purchase the blush below:

11/02/12 - Shibuya & Chiba

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Hey everyone!

Yay! A post two days in a roll haha. Yes, I am trying my best to blog as much as I can from now on ^__^

Today I'm doing another Japan post! From my last Japan post, I met up with my highschool friend Sena for dinner at Shibuya, and the next day she wanted to take my friends and I to see her home town! She lives in Chiba, a prefecture of Japan next to Tokyo. It's about 1 hour away by driving. Chiba is more of the country side to Japan, so it's not really something that tourists go see.

Since Sena was driving was driving to Tokyo to pick us up, we decided to meet around the corner of Shibuya109.

Waiting for the train at Ikebukuro station~

And in Shibuya!

They were selling Shibuya109 cookies!!

Didn't buy. At that point I was running super low on money lol.

A few more happy snaps while waiting around the side of Shibuya109~~

We met up with Sena as planned and she started driving to Chiba~

Since Chiba is quite far away, they have a few stops on the way where you can just take a quick rest! Can go for a quick coffee, snacks or buy some souvenirs ~

And... we arrive in Chiba! As you can probably tell from the photos, it is very different from Tokyo without all the tall buildings

Sena wanted to take us to one of the best strawberry picking places in Chiba, so we started to head down there~

She knew the owners of the place, however by the time we got there, it was already getting dark so we couldn't actually go strawberry picking. We were able to go to their house though and they gave us some of their strawberries to eat!

They had such a cute dog!! I think it's an Akita! so cute and cheeky haha

We ate the strawberries in Sena's car~

omgg best strawberries ever! They were so juicy and had so much flavour in them!

Since Sena saw that we were having so much fun with Marie (the dog), she decided to take us back to her shop. Her family just opened up a pet shop but it was still going under renovation at the time. However they still had animals we could play with!

This is Sena's dog! (I forgot his name T_T) but he was super cute! He loves playing with cans hahaha. He rolls his neck over them to squash them LOL

My can!!


Their pet shop!

That dog in the cage in the middle is the most energetic dog I've ever seen lol. He was literally jumping up and down on two legs to get everyone's attention haha.

Baby kittens!!


Sorry for the animal spam, as you can probably tell I'm an animal lover haha.

Pretty Sena!!

After playing around with the animals, her father took us all out to eat dinner!
We went to an Italian restaurant nearby the neighbourhood


Group photo outside

After dinner, her father wanted to drive us around Tokyo to show us some famous places. I've never been driven around Tokyo in a car before so it was so cool! It was so nice to see all the lights!

First stop, Tokyo Tower!

He took us to a spot where we can see it and take a photo in front of it lol

The actual entrance:

I didn't go inside because there was no-where to park the car.. and also it's quite expensive to go up (and if you want to go higher you have to pay more =__=). Would love to go up it once, but no money at that point, needed money to survive LOL.

Next was Roppongi Hills!

There wasn't much to do there, just take photos.

and this is Harajuku/Omote Sando ~

One last photo! They were taking us back to our hotel in Ikebukuro.

That's it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Like I said at the start, I will be blogging more frequently from now on!