10/02/12 Akihabara & Shibuya!

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Hey guys!

I've really been motivated to blog a lot more lately and also edit more videos! I realized that I have a lot to blog about with my Japan trip last year, so expect lots of blog posts from now on! haha.

Today I'm going to blog about the day I spent at Akihabara and Shibuya!

I don't go to Akihabara much so I don't really know good places to go around there. I don't watch much Anime as I used to to back in highschool. However my friend Joanna wanted to buy an electronic dictionary so I thought Akihabara was the best place to go.

I found this cool vending machine at the train station!

It's a touch screen one but it actually doesn't work well lol. I tried it when I was in Japan this year and it kept rejecting all my coins..

For those of you who don't know, Akihabara is heaven for Anime and games fans. You can find many shops selling tonnes of Anime and manga merchandise such as figurines, cosplay and accessories.

First stop was Yodabashi Camera Akiba. It's a HUGE store that sells heaps of electronics.

Saw these funny things outside haha

We saw a store displaying cosplay costumes on the windows haha

Streets of Akihabara

Next I wanted to show my friends Donkihote, also known as Don Quijote. It is pretty much a store that sells everything from food, makeup, cosplay, electronics.. weird dodgy stuff.. and it's also the place where AKB48 members come and perform like frequently and you can meet them I think? I'm not too sure but there is a floor dedicated to AKB48.

Weird costumes lol.


Sailor Moon!

Aren't these just the CUTEST mugs you've ever seen??

Funny shirt lol


For lunch we went to Mos Burger!

I was poor so I only got a hotdog lol.

I ended up taking Joanna to the smaller streets to buy her electronic dictionary since it's super expensive in Yodabashi Camera. Usually department stores stock the latest models and are about 2-3 times more expensive than the small streets that sell older models.

After that we walked back to Akihabara station since we had nothing much else to do.

We then went to Shibuya since I was going to meet one of my highschool friends there! She was still working so we decided to wait for her and shop a bit in Shibuya109!

Once we met Sena we decided to go get some dinner~ I wanted to go back to this ramen place in Shibuya since I went the year before and thought the ramen was amazing there!

You have to use the machine to place your order, and your money goes into the machine too. It then prints out a ticket which you give to the chef. Quick and handy!

After dinner we went across the road for some purikura!

We still had heaps of time left and it wasn't very late so we decided to keep walking around Shibuya!

HUGE Forever21 there! I think it was like 7 stories high. We didn't go in there but I shopped there a bit the year before.

We didn't know where to go so we decided to go to Loft. Loft is another store that sells pretty much everything, but has more "normal" things than Donkihote I guess.

They had awesome speakers!

Then we got to the cosplay section...

Yes... cosplay costumes for.. men.

Ok so when I saw these, I literally laughed out loud. I have no idea who would ever wear any of these

SERIOUSLY?!?!? a tap?!?

Anyway, some more cuter stuff..

SO cute!!

Minature version of Tokyo

I think you guys have seen this before, but you just place a coin on the button and it will trigger a cat or dog to pop out of the box and put your money inside!



Cute phone accessories!


We were super tired from walking around so much so we wanted to go somewhere to relax. We ended up going to Starbucks to sit and relax

Sena bought us all these little treats!

View from the Starbucks in Shibuya.

After that we all walked to Shibuya station to go home~

I saw these hilarious.. train ettique signs when going back to Ikebukuro.