11/02/11 Sunpu Takumijuku

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Hey guys!

Today's blog post will be another post about Japan ^_^ While I was in Shizuoka my host family took me to a place called "Sunpu Takumijuku" which is in the Shizuoka prefecture and is known for it's arts and crafts. It was a weekend so I didn't have to go to school that day, the host family decided to take me out to this place as it's a place not many tourists go to.

Since I had to wake up at 5 almost everyday just to go to school, I was super tired and ended up sleeping in haha T_T So yeah, my host family drove us to Shizuoka station to meet up with my bf who was coming along with us, then drove us to Sunpu Takumijuku.

The place is really nice! Reminds me of really traditional Japanese houses/restaurants

Biggest Taiyaki I've seen!

They were doing a story telling thing with musicians in the background ^__^ I didn't know what they were talking about since we came in right at the end. I got a bit of it on video so can upload that a bit later

We did a bit of walking around, then Chiho's parents took us to this pottery place where you can make your own!

This is the bowl I wanted to make! Soo cute! Wanted to make one for my dog haha xD

Finished the bowl! I actually have a video of me making this so will post that up soon!

I tried to make a little dog to go with the bowl but it didn't come out like I wanted it to lol. It looks kind of scary hahaha.

We had to leave them there to put in the oven for 2 months so my host family sent it to me after.

My dog is using it now as her water bowl hehe!

We started walking around a bit more but it started to rain T_T

But then I ran into these REALLY cute model houses! Look at how cute they are!

I ended up buying 2 of them hehe, I bought an Oden shop and a dango store xD I have to put them together myself (which I still haven't done yet) But planning to do it soon hehe.

Took photos so I know what it should look like when I finished building it hehe. The old man selling them was really nice and gave me a discount too xD

After Chiho's parents took us ao restaurant to have some lunch.

Such a cute restaurant! Everything is so pretty in there!

Udon ♡

Green tea

Dango! It was so good!

With my host family! Miss them so much :(

We then went to another place that had lots of dolls on display. I'm not sure what they're called exactly but I just remember an episode in Pokemon where they called it "Princess Dolls"? LOL. So I think that's the name :/

SO cute!

Upstairs they had a museum

The view of one of the displays from upstairs:

Since the place was small and we got a bit bored, Chiho's parents then took us to a Science museum back in Shizuoka city

Didn't take many photos in there, the museum is more for kids haha. We went inside this pitch black maze though which was quite scary :P they also record you when you go in there so I have a recording of us in the maze xD

For dinner we went to a BBQ restaurant~

Mango icecream!

That's all for now! Unfortunately I only have a few more Japan posts left and I'll be done with all my Japan posts for this year :( But it's ok! I'm going to Japan again in about 8 weeks so there will be a lot more interesting posts next time! hehe. Hope my readers in the US had a great Thanksgiving! ♡