OOTD: Birthday Outfit & New Gaming Channel!

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Wow... I haven't upated my blog in a month! I'm so sorry!!

Lately I have taken something else up and it's taking up all my time... and my Gaming channel has also taken up heaps of time so unfortunately I have neglected my blog :( I keep telling myself everyday that I'm going to update my blog but I always somehow end up running out of time :(

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Nintendo fangirl and have been playing games for ages. So I thought I'd make a gaming channel!


and I am also going to be streaming on Twitch quite often!!


Anyway, today I have an OOTD post! I have been trying to take more outfit photos but I never find the time to edit the photos T_T 

It was my birthday at the start of the month, so my boyfriend took me out to have dinner. Here is the outfit I wore!