30/01/11 Tennoji & Umeda Sky Tower 天王寺と空中庭園

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We had a lazy morning since we had to do the washing so we all got ready and headed to a nearby Laundromat. While our clothes were being washed, we went to a cheap Japanese fast food place to have breakfast/lunch. While we were eating it was snowing outside for a bit, it was my first time being in a place where it was snowing but it wasn’t much so it wasn’t that great. I really want to be in a place with lots of snow X_X

Barely can see any snow >< After we ate we headed back to get our laundry. Since the dryer didn’t completely dry all the clothes we had to hang them up in our room. Unfortunately we didn’t have any place to hang it in our room, so Steven decided to use his laptop cable to hang up his washing hahaha. Eric then also did the same thing.

We headed out in the early afternoon to meet Aimi. She took us to a Kanariya, a place that sells icecream/parfaits. It apparently is a really famous place and is usually packed afterschool. There was a line when we got there, but since Aimi used to work there we were able to jump the line and get in straight away xD Aimi ordered a massive parfait, it was huge O_O It was full of cream, icecream and had juice/fruit in the cup, was so good xD

We also had a chocolate parfait too.

After eating all the sweet food, we had some savory food, potato with bacon and cheese!

After the food Aimi took us to Korea town. It is like a Korean market in Osaka, you see lots of Korean people here and kimchi is everywhere O_O The place is filled with food and some clothing, we walked through quickly since it was really crowded and we could hardly walk around T_T

We then decided to go to Tennoji after to do some shopping. Went to a 100yen shop and also an anime store. There were so many Pokemon figurines! I didn’t buy any since they were kind of expensive T_T

Went to a random store where they just sold things for cheap. Russell and Eric both decided to buy these chickens, they’re so noisy X__X

Went to a book store later and I ended up buying a magazine… just because they had free hello kitty earphones in them :P I wish magazines in Perth were this cool, Japanese magazines always give our the coolest things for free in their magazines X_X

Later we went to Loft! I love this shop, it has everything you need. It was kind of expensive but the stuff they had was so cool. I really wanted to buy a bento box from there but decided not to since it was around $25 for it X_X

We went to eat later at a takoyaki restaurant, I didn’t want to eat since I already had bought a lot of nikuman buns beforehand. When the others finished we realized that the Umeda sky tower was going to close soon T_T We had planned to go to the Umeda Sky Tower about 3-4 days ago, but everytime we met up we never went so it was our last chance to go. We had to run to the train station, catch the train and run all the way to the tower T_T

When we got there they only let us have about 10 minutes up in the tower since they were about to close. We went up anyway for around 700yen I think. The tower is so high up, 40 stories high, 173m off the ground X__X You can see all the lights in Osaka city, it’s so pretty~! I had Eric take a video around the whole tower so I’ll post it up once I get around to editing the videos!

The floor had stardust that lit up!

29/01/11 – Last day in Mikuni/ Hanaten 三国〜

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It was our last day in Mikuni since we have to move hostels. The hostel we stayed at, we could only stay there for a week so we had no choice but to get another hostel since we planned to stay in Osaka for another 5 nights. We packed most of our stuff the night before so we had a bit of free time. We really would’ve loved to stay longer, we stayed at Guest house Caminro for the first week of Osaka and it’s such a comfortable hostel to be in. The staff were great, showers/toilets were clean, rooms were great. It is a family owned business so you really feel at home.

While staying in Mikuni, we met a really nice oji-chan who sold taiyaki (it’s like a thick pancake in a shape of a fish with filling inside, usually red bean or custard). We went to visit him one last time to buy our last taiyaki and got a photo with him and his wife.

All of us with the taiyaki man and his wife

We then left to go to our new hostel which was in Namba. We got a bit lost on the way but ended up finding the place in the end.

Finding out hostel haha

We settled in for a bit and then had to head out again. We wre going to go to Aimi’s house since she was going to cook curry for us. We caught the train to Hanaten station where we met Aimi, and then went to shop for groceries.

Streets of Hanaten

Winter Pocky!

Takoyaki! Aimi showed us a place where her friend sold Takoyaki (Octopus balls). It tasted really good but because I don't like seafood, I didn't like the octopus bits very much T_T However the rest tasted really good

We got back to Aimi’s apartment where she made us dinner! While cooking we were playing with her pet hamster, Mala!

Playing with Aimi's hamster!

After eating, it was getting late and we were getting bored so we played a game of Jenga, but we had to do it in silence. It was quite funny cos all of us wanted to laugh but had to do it silently xD We left a bit earlier since we didn’t want to be home too late (for some various reasons I’d rather not say haha) but it was a great day to go to see friends and have some good food! Haha

Oh yeah, and a few days before Aimi took us out to buy some Japanese/English electronic dictionaries. This one is the one that I bought (to be honest I only chose it because it was pink hahaha) but it is really good and has been useful so far