Forever New Haul

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Hey guys!

I know I said that I wouldn't shop anymore since I need to save money for my Japan/HK trip but I couldn't help myself when Forever New had a huge sale. 40% off the items already on sale! Was so happy so I bought quite a few things :P For those of you who don't know, "Forever New" is an Australian brand which really reminds me of Liz Lisa clothing. I think that their latest collections were inspired from the Liz Lisa Spring 2011 and the Autumn collection.

Forever New is pretty expensive in my opinion, but when they have sales it's not too bad. I really love their clothing this year, they really look gyaru-inspired.

Onto the haul~

Lace Tie Waist Short in Rose Beige
Original Price $59.99, I got it for $18!

Worn on me:
Before I start just want to say big thanks to my photography friends; Henry Lam and Peter Bui for these photos!

Love these shorts! I was so surprised when the shop assistant told me it was only $18, I was expecting it to be around $30. But yeah, I decided to buy the beige ones too (next) but turns out it was only the pink one that was selling for $18 :S I couldn't be bothered asking why though :/ But super love these shorts, have been wearing them for the past few days :P

Lace Tie Waist Short in Vintage Cream
I wasn't going to get these shorts, but decided to get them when I got the pink ones for $18. I thought these shorts were also going to be $18 but turns out they were $30. I still like them so not complaining.

Worn by me:

Marie Lace Scarf in Nude
I love lace patterns so decided to get this scarf! It cost me around $5

I didn't wear the scarves when I had the photoshoot so no photos with me wearing them at this stage :(

Issy Pointelle Summer Scarf in Rose Dusk
Really love the lace pattern on this scarf to! Also love the colour! This was also around $5

Hurley Laser Cutout Platform Shoes

Really loved these shoes when I first saw them! Really reminded me of the gyaru style shoes *_* This was $89.99 down to around $26!

I wore these shoes on the photoshoot in the photo above hehe.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Check out the sale if you havent yet if you're in Australia!

My 21st Birthday Party

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I know this post is SUPER late haha, 2 months late actually xD But I really wanted to share with you guys some photos from my 21st birthday party!

I decided to have a Japanese theme for my birthday party so a lot of my friends came dressed in Yukatas! I booked out a Japanese restaurant in Perth called Zensaki. Great little Japanese restaurant!

I was super rushed that day, I had another birthday in the afternoon, then had to rush home to get ready and then go out again. I ended up turning up late to my own birthday party haha T_T Sorry guys xD

All of the photos were taken on different cameras. I bought 3 cameras to the party haha, and some I stole from my friends when they posted on facebook :P

Big thanks to this guy for doing the photography for me that night :P

It's going to get VERY picture heavy from here :P

Cake time!

Group photo!
Unfortunately a lot of people had already left by the time we actually got around to taking a group photo T_T

Thank-you SO much to everyone who came! I had a great night celebrating with all you!