2014 65th Sapporo Snow Festival 札幌雪祭り

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Hi everyone!

It may look like I'm neglecting my blog, but I promise you I won't be doing that! I've been working hard since I've gotten back from Japan and editing heaps of videos to put out! I filmed so much footage I can't wait to get everything out! I'm also super busy filming a lot of videos as well! I'm trying to film as much as I can now because work unfortunately starts again this week, so I won't have much time to edit when I'm working :(

Anyway, this time around my goal is to try hard to do a lot more OOTD posts and a lot more random blog posts of my life in Perth. I also have a lot of blog posts to make about Japan, but still need more time to go through footage since I filmed so much while I was over there! haha.

Last week I uploaded a video about the Snow Festival in Japan! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!

It was my first time in Hokkaido and it was awesome!

It was so cold and there was so much snow everywhere!

The first day when we got to Hokkaido, we went to the Beer Garden to have dinner!

It was decorated so nicely! I vlogged a lot around this area so I will upload it soon!

The snow was so soft!

On the day of the snow festival, it was snowing SO much outside!

Eric and I left anyway because we had to go to Noboribetsu in the afternoon so it was our chance to go spend a bit of time at the snow festival before we went. We decided to go to the opening festival which was in Odori Koen (Odori Park)

Snow sculptures to celebrate the Sochi 2014 Olympics

There was so much food!

I had some warm corn soup!

Cocacola had special 65th Anniversary Sapporo Snow Festival drinks!

Cute snow sculptures!

It got really cold at one point so Eric and I went inside one of these places to sit down and warm up a bit!

Yes, I don't wear pants. I only do if I really have to for work lol. Even in -13 degree weather I still wear skirts :P

Was waiting for people to move out of the way so I could film :P Can't wait to upload the video I filmed here!

More food!

Choco banana!

This is Mochi and cheese!

It wasn't that great to be honest :x

This guy was roasting chestnuts

I saw this super cute dog! It looked so happy to play in the snow!

Last shot of the snow festival for the day before we left~

We left Sapporo for a few days to enjoy the Japanese onsens for a bit, but we returned to Sapporo for a few more days to see more of the snow festivity~

Near our hotel at Nakajima Koen (Nakajima Park), they had a lot of lanterns that were lit up!

SO pretty right?

People were writing wishes on the cups

We decided to go back to Odori Koen (the place we went the first day of the snow festival) since we didn't get to see the whole park back then. It was super cold that night and snowed so much!

I saw someone eating corn and I really wanted one myself!!

Looks like I'm crying here LOL. But no, I wasn't.

Wanted to slide down sooo badly

Awesome light projection show

A few countries came over and built some snow sculptures representing their country for a competition!

This one was Korea's one, they won first place.

This one came second place by Hong Kong~ I thought that the Hong Kong one was the best in person though

Snow Miku!!

There were more snow sculptures for another competition! The Snow festival started 65 years ago because a couple of highschool students made snow sculptures in Odori Koen. Since then it attracted a lot of people, so there are competitions for snow sculptures in the park!

On our last day in Hokkaido, we decided to visit Otaru! Otaru is a tourist attraction in Hokkaido, and also they had lights at night time at the canal that I really wanted to see.

Everything just looks so white!!

I really wanted to go to the canal, I've seen so many photos of it and it just looks so pretty!

But it was frozen :(

During the day Eric wanted to go do some whiskey tasting in a famous place in Otaru (I vlogged there too!) so we decided to go there and then come back later at night time to Otaru to see more lights!

We went back to the canal and it was defrosted!

It was really pretty at night!

We saw a frozen crab in the ice!

Everything was so pretty here!

That's it for this blog post! I will try my best to do a lot more of my Japan trip!!