05/02/12 - Japanese Zoo + Shizuoka

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Gosh it's been so long since I've blogged AGAIN! I really don't want to neglect my blog but it's just so hard to update lately :(

Today I'm going to do another Japan post! My last Japan post, I blogged about the day I visited Shizuoka, the place where I went to a Japanese highschool for 2 weeks. I was only able to stay in Shizuoka for 2 days unfortunately, so this was my second, and last day in Shizuoka.

最近私は日本語を練習したいので、これからブログに書いた時、もっと日本語を書くつもりですよ! 間違い日本語を使ったら、私に教えてね!

I woke up and okaasan prepared breakfast for Janelle and I! お母さんは朝ご飯を作ってもらいました!

Watching Japanese TV while eating hehe

Chiho's dad had work that day so he couldnt hang out, but Chiho's mum took us to Hamamatsu Zoo! 浜松動物園に行ってきました!

Was really good weather that day! 天気は良かった!

Map of the zoo~! 動物園の地図

For some reason all the animals looked really sleepy. 動物たちは眠そう。。

We could also pet guinea pigs!

Walking around~

We came to a duck pond where you can feed the ducks with some of their food!

It was really cold that day, the ducks were sliding on the ice!

Food to feed the ducks with


This seal looked so happy haha. このアザラシーちゃんは嬉しいそう!

And I'm just going to do a picture spam of animals now lol.

After the zoo, we went to a really cute cake shop! 動物園に行った後で、可愛いケーキショップに行きました!

The menu is also cute! メニューも可愛い!




Food we had!

I had the last cake, it was so good! 美味しかった!

After, Chiho's mum drove us back to Shizuoka to hang out! 後で、静岡に帰ってきました〜!

We walked around Shizuoka and ended up wanting to take Purikura. In Japan you can also cosplay for purikura so we wore outfits from the anime K-on! 静岡に歩く時に、プリクラに撮りたかったです。日本でプリクラの店で、コスプレもやっても良いよ! 私たちは「K-ON」のコスプレをやりました!

After Purikura we walked around Shizuoka and then went to find a place to have dinner~

We ended up going to an omurice restaurant, one of my favourite restaurants in Shizuoka! I used to go here a lot last year haha. オムライスのレストランに食べました! 去年このレストランによく来て、静岡で一番大好きなレストランです!

After that, it was time to go back to Tokyo :(

Shinkansen ticket :(

Saying bye to Chi-chan :(

Bye bye Shizuoka! :(