RIP My little Pomeranian Misty... I will always love you.

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RIP Misty. You will always be part of the Dao family.

I always said when my dog Misty dies, I will write a blog post about her life. I didn't think that I would have to do it so soon...

On the 26th March 2015 at around 12:05am, Misty passed away.

We've had Misty since 2006 and I was very close to her. That day I had just finished work at around 6pm and was deciding whether to go home or go out with friends. I was tired so I should've gone home, but I wanted to hang out with my friends that night so I decided to go out. After dinner I went back to my boyfriend's place. I was really tired and so I decided to sleep over my boyfriend's house that night because I had a lot of errands to do around that area. At around 12am I was in the toilet and I received a phone call from my mum. She just yelled out "Kim.. Misty is dead". That was one phone call I never wanted to receive. It was something I never wanted to hear.

I was in shock, I asked what the hell happened and turns out my dog was crossing the road and got hit by a car right outside our house. I was so angry at the start. I never let my dog out the front because I knew how dangerous it is, I was always so careful with her. When I take her to the dog park I always carry her until I get into the middle of the park where it's safe to put her down. I was also so careful with her but she still died?

My boyfriend rushed me home but when I was close my sister called and said they are taking Misty to the vet because she was still breathing. I had hope, I had hope she was alive. We went to the vet and I thought I heard Misty yelping. I thought that was her, but then the vet came out and apologized saying Misty passed away. They then told me they can try to revive her but it will cost $600-$1000 and it isn't guaranteed they can. I told them I don't care how much it costs, do anything to bring her back. About 10 minutes later the vet came out again saying they couldn't save Misty. I asked them about the yelping and was told it was another dog. I asked them if I can see Misty... so I did. She was just lying there... dead.

I was so angry and upset. I saw her that morning and she was so healthy. I let her inside the house even though I was in a rush to get ready for appointments but I spent a good 10 minutes with her. I was playing with her, hugging her, kissing her, telling her she was a beautiful dog. I do that everyday, I always tell her she is beautiful and always try to give her a lot of attention. I had to go early so I put her in my sister's room to sleep, then went off to my appointments.

It was just a normal day, never would I have thought it would be the worst day of my life.

We had Misty when she was only 2 months old. My sister and I wanted a dog for a long time and finally we managed to convince our parents to get her one. I was in year 11 and was 16 back then, it was in 2006. We found her on the newspaper, her previous owner had other dogs and Misty doesn't get along well with other dogs so she had to sell her. I didn't go pick her up that day because I had school, so my parents and sister went. I first met her when my mum picked me up from school. I remember she had so much energy, she would run to me, lick my face, run to my sister, lick her face and she kept doing that for a whole 15 minutes in the back seat of the car.

First time we took her to our house
She used to always travel in her little basket until she totally destroyed it

She was such a tiny little puppy when we got her

She was a little naughty when she was first at our house. She would always bite the coffee tables so we had to put plastic over it which she totally destroyed. She used to run to the toilet, jump up onto the toilet paper, use her hands to pull it down then pull the toilet paper out and play with it. She used to bite everyone's slippers so it was super annoying to walk in the house.

Me & Misty

When I was studying for my university entrance exams, she was always there watching me

Sometimes she would annoy me while I was studying and make me pick her up to cuddle her

When I was a fresher at university

As she got older she started behaving more. I remember one time we went to Vietnam for 6 weeks and left her at my grandparent's place. She was so sad and wouldn't eat for 3 days. When we got back she was so happy. Our aircon had broke and it was the middle of summer so the whole family just slept on the tiles at our house. We let Misty join us, and from then on, Misty always slept in my room every single night. She would always sleep on my bed even when I'm not home, it was pretty much her bed. My boyfriend gave me a small shelf he was no longer using and I use that as a step for her to jump up on my bed. I will miss the days where I'm able to come home and see her already sleeping on my bed.

This was my old bed... she used to sleep on it so much. WHenever I was studying she would lie down in my room and sleep on my bed.

She loved guarding the house. She would sit outside everyday barking at birds haha
She used to chase her tail when she was younger

She loved her tummy rubs

She loved ear scratches

Before I gave her a stool to jump on my bed with, she used to always have to ask to go on my bed. She would scratch my bed until I let her up

We bought her a princess bed for her to sleep on. I remember the first day she got it. I was out and came home later. She went to greet me as usual then jumped straight onto her bed. It was like she was showing off and telling me to look at her new bed

She has a favourite spot on the couch, the very ends. If someone is already sitting there, she will try to push you away so she can sit down there.

She always enjoyed times with everyone

Destroyed her basket she had since she was a baby!

She loved my clothes. If I had a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, she would sleep on it

She loved sticking her head out of the window, her eyes would be so small from all the wind

She knew she wasn't allowed to play with toilet paper but she still loved empty toilet paper rolls!

She loved snacking on dog treats

and she was always very protective of her toys, no-oe else was allowed to play with them!

We got her a new house for her to sleep in because she destroyed her other one! She ended up destroying this one too! She would sit on top of it sometimes and it totally deflated

and another one!! I swear we had to buy her over 6-7 houses because of what she does to them!

Sitting on my leg and sleeping on it was her favourite thing to do. It would make my legs go really numb but I didn't mind. She always looked so peaceful and calm sleeping on me

She was always so curious and alert

She always wanted to sit really close to someone. No matter how uncomfortable it was, she would do her best to squeeze in

She would make a funny face and move weird if you scratch in a spot she liked

Sometimes she would be a little naughty and bite the carpet

I got a bigger bed.. or should I say Misty got a bigger bed?

YAWN! This is my bed now!

Going for walks at her park is her favourite thing to do

She would photobomb my outfit videos/photos all the time

Sometimes she would be very annoying and won't stop barking. She has a high pitched bark and is always yapping. When she's annoying and won't shut up, I have to hold her mouth together to stop her!

She loves sleeping on the couch. She loves sleeping on the side of the couch. If someone is already sitting there, she will purposely push you until she gets her spot

She would always hog my bed and sleep in the middle or on my pillow

We took so many selfies together! These are some of many

She hated photos but I dragged her to do photoshoots together

The last photo I ever took of her... this was 4 days before her death. We were at a dog park and had so much fun with friends. She was tired so I sat down wither to have a talk... and I thought she looked so cute I had to take a photo. I also vlogged that day so I'm glad we have recent footage of her.

End of the day, all life ends one day. It's a shame that some have to end earlier than others. Misty will be missed by everyone. She was a beautiful dog who only knew how to love no matter who you are. She was always there for me and I treated her like she was a child to me. I spoilt her in many ways and I am just glad that I have no regrets with how I treated her. I spent so much time with her during the past 9 years that I can honestly say that I know she loves me as much as I love her. RIP Misty, I love you and we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.