Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara Review

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite mascaras, the Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara! I got this mascara when I was in Hong Kong a while ago, I went back to Japan a year later and wanted to buy another one... but unfortunately they are no where to be found anymore in Japan T____T Maybe they were just low on stock everywhere.. but yeah I think I'll have to buy these online now :(

It comes in a purple tube
I absolutely love the brush because you're able to grab onto all your lashes!

Applying mascara~

Right eye - with primer (Majolica Majorca Bone Black Fiber Primer)
Left eye - No primer

As you can see in the photo, the lengthening is REALLY good without a primer. I definitely recommend this mascara, and will have to find an online site that sells these for cheap!

Final Verdict:
- Very good lengthening and volume
- Very easy to remove (hot water is enough)

- So hard to find now :(
- A little pricey

You can purchase the mascara here:

OOTD: Hot Summer's Day

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Hi guys!

It has been super hot in Australia a few weeks ago, I didn't really want to leave the house!

But hot summer days means summer dresses!


The dress was from Momo in Harajuku. If you walk down Takeshita dori, you will find lots of stores with the name "Momo". I love this shop because they sell non-branded gyaru style clothing, but for much cheaper! I've found items similar to Liz Lisa, INGNI, Honey Bunch for 1/5 of the price! This dress looked like a Liz Lisa dress I wanted but didn't want to spend $70 on it, so I got this one in Momo for around $20!

The hat is from Allamanda (I think they are under the same company as INGNI), I saw one of the shop girls wearing one in Shibuya109 and I really wanted one as well, however they completely sold out on them :( I asked if there was another Allamanda close by and the girl told me to go to 1010 which is about 10 minutes away. I went there and they had only 1 more left on a mannequin so I grabbed it! The hat is super cute, it's obviously not going to fit on anyone's head since it's small, but there are hair clips under it so you just clip it to your head! It will stay on all day and doesn't hurt at all! (Unlike the Liz Lisa one I got, it can't even stay on for 1 second :( )


The shoes are from Feminine Cafe. You can find these stores in Abeno department store in Tennoji (Osaka), or if you go to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, check out ALTA on the 2nd floor since they have a store there too! They sell shoes for a reasonable price and they are all super cute!

This was an accidental shot but I still liked it!

I'll see you guys next time!

Going to Japan in Winter 2014 & Get Ready with Me in Tokyo!

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Hi everyone!

I finally found some time to go through my Japan photos so I'm back with heaps of Japan blog posts! I took heaps of photos last time in Japan and also heaps of videos so you guys can expect a lot of vlogs from me as well!

Anyway, here are the first few set of photos from my trip!

At Perth International Airport waiting for our flight~ First stop is Singapore!

Tired faces.. lol

We got to Singapore Changi Airport and had about a 2 hour wait for our next flight to Narita, Tokyo!

Changi Airport is one of my favourite airports, so much to do there!

Waiting until it's time to board our flight

We boarded our Singapore Airlines flight to Tokyo!
Singapore Airlines is probably the only airline where I can actually stand the food haha.


Flying above Japan! Can you spot Mount Fuji?

We landed safely in Japan and then proceeded to buy a Suica card. In the past I never used a Suica card but Eric and I decided to grab one each this time. A Suica card is just like a transport card where you can tag on and off at train stations/busses instead of buying tickets. For foreigners, you are able to get a special deal going to and from Narita airport by using the NEX train which is cheaper (and much more convenient).

We were super tired :(

Eric took some random photos on the train. He was actually going to start a blog but then never did -_- so I'll use the photos he took for my blog haha.
A place to hang your stuff

Inside the NEX train

We had to meet our landlord because we had an apartment in Japan for the time we were staying for. Unfortunately we got lost because the train lines were so confusing :( But we made it in the end!

We made it to our apartment by around 8.30pm. I needed dinner but Eric felt really sick so I just decided to get some convenience store food to eat.
Omurice! I loved this, just buy it from the convenience store and pop it in the microwave!

The next morning I went out to get my morning coffee. I love how vending machines in Japan have so many different types of drinks!

Coffee for me and I bought a corn soup as well! I've always wanted to try this!

I started filming my "get ready with me" video, Eric snapped this photo lol.

After we got ready, I had to meet one of the Liz Lisa staff for lunch. I asked her if she can save a Liz Lisa Fukubukuro for me since I wasn't in Japan during the New Years when it was sold. I was so glad they still had some left in the office!

We met outside Suitengumae Station and then ended up eating a restaurant called FLAX.

Aino-san & I!

The restaurant is really cute and cozy!

Eric & Aino had this, looked so good!

I had Katsu Curry which was great!

My Liz Lisa Fukubukuro that Aino-san got me!

We got back to our apartment to shower and rest up before we went out to dinner. I was super excited for dinner because we had a huge group of friends that came along, and it's been a long time since we've seen some of our friends!

We went to a restaurant called "LIME" in Ginza. It was really high-class looking inside. It was a Balinese themed restaurant.

We decided to do the course which was 5000yen (around $60). They had a set menu and also it's all you can drink for 90 minutes. At the time it seemed like a good deal, but to be honest, the food was really average. I was expecting it to be really good because of the price. The presentation was nice, but overall the food was just very average to me. At least the atmosphere and the service was really good.


Here comes the food photos~

This was hilarious because Eric ordered some whiskey and this was how much they gave him. Usually you're only meant to pour like.. 2 shots or something right? This is a whole glass hahaha

Overall it was a great night since we haven't seen some of the people for ages. But for the restaurant, I probably won't be going back.

Anyway, if you're interested, watch my "Get Ready With Me in Japan" video! I also show a few video snippets of my day in Japan!