21/01/13 - Shopping in Shinsaibashi

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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to share you guys about a day I spent in Shinsaibashi in Osaka again! It was one of my last few days in Osaka with my family that we had free and my parents wanted to go back to do some shopping. Also one of my friends from Sydney also came along to meet us in Osaka!

My morning coffee!


On the train~

Janelle, Steven and I in Shinsaibashi!

At Shinsaibashi we had some macarons!

Walking around Shinsaibashi~

Walking into the Hello Kitty store!

Finding some cute iphone cases!

Not sure if this is cute or creepy... it looks a bit creepy to me lol.

I think I was vlogging then haha

Disney Store!

Inside a clothes store!

We then went to take Purikura!

I won't post the purikura here because Steven will kill me hahaha.

Everytime I come here I have to take a photo like this

Cute girl singing!

We went to Donkihote which is a store that sells a lot of cool things! They sell a lot of stuff ranging from food, makeup, cosplay...

Sword shaped umbrella!

I think something pooed on my head

Afterwards we all decided to get dinner! We went to a ramen restaurant near to where we were staying.

That's all for now! I have a few more posts coming up about my Japan trip last year but I will be regularly updating this blog when I'm in Japan in a few days with new content!!