OOTD: Off to work!

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Hey guys!

Just another quick OOTD post of photos I took of my outfit before I went to work the other day!


The blouse is one of my favourites from Ank Rouge from their Spring/Summer Collection 2013. It's a short sleeved blouse and I don't have many of them so I wear it a lot! The blazer is also from Ank Rouge from their Spring 2013 collection! I really wanted a blazer that I could wear to work that is also cute at the same time so this blazer was perfect! Most of the blazers they sell in Australia are way too big and too bulky for my liking.


The skirt is from the INGNI 2012 Summer Collection. The first time I saw it, I loved it straight away! It's actually shorts but looks like a skirt!

Shoes are from Feminine Cafe!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Black Review

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite eyeliners! I have used this for over 3 years and I swear by it! It's the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner.


This eyeliner has been extremely popular for years, and I can tell you why!

The packaging is adorable first off!

Also it has a fine tip, so it's super easy to get nice thin lines

It is really easy to apply on your face. You will need a steady hand so if you don't have one, I recommend just resting your hand on your cheek


Final looks using the eyliner~

Final thoughts~
- Super pigmented eyeliner, it is really black
- Stays on all day and doesn't fade
- No smudging!
- Quite reasonably priced, it's around 1250yen in Japan which is around $15. It will last you a long time
- Super easy to apply
- Easy to remove with warm water

- Might be hard to get your hands on if you don't live in Asia, however a lot of ebay stores or Asian cosmetics shops sell them (be careful of fakes!)
- Not waterproof

You can purchase the eyeliner below:

06/07/14 - 07/07/14 Sydney Day 1 & 2 ~! Youtube Business Bootcamp

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Hi everyone!

I know…. I haven’t updted my blog in SO long…

I just have been feeling unmotivated lately to tell the truth. I’ve been working a lot more so I don’t have as much time to blog anymore, and when I go to work I don’t really have any interesting outfits/makeup photos to share :(

BUT! I just went to Sydney for Youtube’s Business Bootcamp last week and this has definitely given me much more motivation to continue with my Youtube and Blog! I met so many awesome people during my time in Sydney, and many Youtubers were kind enough to give me heaps of advice that has really made me realize how much I love blogging and making videos!

So now I promise I will be doing my best to blog a lot more! If you guys have any topics you want me to talk about, please let me know! I do have heaps of Japan blog posts left to do but if you just have any suggestions, like a certain topic you want me to talk about then let me know!

Today I’m going to be telling you guys about my first night in Sydney!

I left Perth around 4pm~ The Perth Domestic Airport definitely has improved since I’ve last been here!

My dog came with me to say bye~! It was a rainy day :(

I didn’t really take photos on the plane, I checked in too late and no window seats were available :( I have to say that Qantas sure has changed a lot for the better, I actually enjoyed my flight over there this time! I remember last time I flew Qantas to go to Sydney when I was going to San Francisco I told myself I will never fly Qantas ever again lol. But yes, it has improved a lot!

Perth Airport has improved a lot as well!

Sydney (1 of 129)
Not my plane but close enough :p

Boarding gate~

Anyway, this is my first “real” time to Sydney! Last time I went I was only stopping over for 3 hours so my friend took me out for breakfast so that doesn’t really count lol.

I landed and I had a driver waiting for me to pick me up~ Feels so weird to have a person hold your name up on a big sign lol. The driver was REALLY nice and when he found out that it was my first proper time in Sydney, he actually took me on a short tour around Sydney!

Sydney (3 of 129)

He dropped me off at the hotel so I met up with my friend to take me around! I landed at 10pm in Sydney but that would’ve been 8pm Perth Time so I had a lot of energy and wanted to go sight see haha.

Hello from my hotel room!

Quick OOTD snaps
Sydney (29 of 129)
Sydney (30 of 129)


I had a really good view but it was hard to take a photo of it :(

Went for a drive around Sydney with my friend Steven~!

First I went back to the Opera House/Harbour Bridge so I can take a few photos. I found $2 when I sat down on the bench, score!!!
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Sydney (11 of 129)
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Sydney (19 of 129)
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Yay I'm in Sydney!
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Went to the front of Luna Park to take some photos
This looks like it's from a horror movie LOL

Lovely views while driving~

Driving on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It was around 2am and I wasn't tired yet. Sydney is 2 hours ahead of Perth, and I usually don't sleep until 2-3am Perth time... which meant 4-5am Sydney time :P Steven took me to a place to eat Pancakes!

Pancakes on the Rocks!
Actually, Perth has the same place called "Pancakes at Carillion" haha


Sydney (5 of 129)
Sydney (6 of 129)

I'm very excited to eat my foods

After that it was around 2.30am so I went back to my hotel. I wanted to charge my phone but turns out that my iPhone charger had just died and refused to charge at all... which was SUPER annoying :( Ended up running downstairs but the reception only had iPhone 4 charges... I ran across the road to a convenience store but they sold out of iPhone 5 chargers... ended up running down the road to another store and finally found some Iphone 5 chargers (this was at like 2.45am in the morning :( ) What I've learnt after buying an iPhone... you spend a sh*tload of money on iPhone chargers because they will keep breaking on you T_T

Next day, I was meeting up with a highschool friend, Edwin! I haven't seen him in many years so when he saw on my Facebook that I was going to Sydney, we decided to catch up for breakfast!

We went to Cherry Beans which was really nice!
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Sydney (33 of 129)
Sydney (34 of 129)
Eggs Benedict with Ham!

We had breakfast quite early and since we still had time, we decided to go for a walk around the area
Sydney (35 of 129)
Sydney (36 of 129)

After that I went off to the Google Office for the Youtube Business Bootcamp! It was so nerve racking at the start! I didn't know many of the Youtubers there and whenever I meet other Youtubers I always seem to act really awkward around them haha :( But by the end of the day, I got to know a few of them really well and everyone was just so friendly! I'm so happy I was able to meet so many awesome Youtubers!

This lovely lady helped me so much on my channel! Without her I wouldn't have been able to come to Sydney!
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The coach we had for the week! He taught me so much from having confidence to talk about myself in interviews to speaking to a bigger audience!
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Sydney (40 of 129)
Meliney Nail Art & I! She is such a lovely Youtuber, definitely check out her channel for awesome nail art designs! I got to know her a lot during the Bootcamp and we hung out a lot outside of the Google office!

That night we were all going out for a dinner together!
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Sydney (44 of 129)

Haha I look so weird in this photo, Meliney took it but I didn't realize how weird I looked :P Oh wellllll
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Sydney (46 of 129)
Sydney (47 of 129)

We went to Cafe XXII in Pyrmont, the food was really nice!
Sydney (48 of 129)
Sydney (49 of 129)

Didn't end up taking a photo of the dessert :P

And last photo I took that day
Sydney (50 of 129)

View just outside my hotel!

It was such a great experience and I will be blogging more about it! Im' so sorry for neglecting my blog for so long but I promise I will do my best to keep updating more often!