Boyfriend Tag & Spring Fashion!

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Hey guys!

I have 2 new videos I recently uploaded on my youtube channel! The long awaited Boyfriend Tag and my Spring Fashion Lookbook video!

So many people have been asking me to do the Boyfriend Tag, and I FINALLY convinced my boyfriend to film it with me haha. We've been together for almost 2.5 years, and it has been the best 2.5years ever for me!

The photos of us together that I used in the video were actually taken 2 years ago for a photoshoot we did! We were only together for about a month at the time so we both look awkward haha. The original video was about 40 minutes so I had to cut out a lot of stuff :(

Next, I went to a park to film my Spring Fashion video! Big thanks to my boyfriend for helping me film this video!

Hope you enjoyed both videos!

I know I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately.. it's just hard to make time to do blog post these days because university has gotten more busy.. And since it's my last semester I should try to actually study haha. There are a lot of other things going on right now that is stressing me out (I can't say yet but I will make an announcement on my blog when the time is right). However I will try my best to do more Japan and review posts!

February Favourites in Japanese! 2月のお気に入りコスメ

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I always get asked "Kim, why don't you speak Japanese in your videos?" It's quite hard to explain, but the only explanation I have is because I'm embarrassed to speak Japanese in my videos. My Japanese skill isn't actually that great, I can read and understand a lot of things, but I think my writing/speaking isn't very good. I was always scared to make a video in Japanese because I thought that people will judge me for my poor Japanese, so that's why I always avoided using it.

But when I went to Japan and had a few meetings, a lot of people wanted me to upload videos in Japanese. I felt pressured in a way. I love Japan, but I just didn't feel confident in speaking Japanese in front of a camera. It took me a while to build up the courage to upload a video in Japanese, but then I realized... If I'm too scared to even speak Japanese, then how am I ever going to improve?

So I decided, to do my February 2013 Favourites video in Japanese!

Hope you guys enjoyed it! I added subtitles for non-Japanese speakers. I know I made a mistake with the "お気に入り", should've said おきにいり instead haha. But at least you can learn from your mistakes! I'm surprised at all the support I got for this video, so I will try make more videos in Japanese soon!