Fairy Con Natural Brown Circle Lens Review

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Hey guys,

As promised I'm back with more reviews and I have a lot more travel blogs left to post about.  

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Fairy Con Natural Brown from Pinkicon.com

Check it out! They sell a lot of circle lenses and other things such as makeup and wigs!

They sent me these circle lenses to review, and it's been a super long time since I've reviewed any circle lenses!

I actually don't wear circle lenses often, and usually when I do wear them, I only wear them for filming videos or for really special occasions. The main reason why is because if you wear big circle lenses, you need to have quite heavy eye makeup to pull it off well. If you just wear circle lenses with no eye makeup, you tend to just look like a bug lol, and doing eye makeup is quite time consuming. Usually I only wear them once, leave them in the containers and then I never wear them again... which means that they then start drying out quite quickly too so I end up throwing a lot of them away.

These circle lenses are only 1 day ones which are perfect for me because I wear them on days where I want to wear circle lenses, and then throw them out once I'm done with them!

They come in a pack of 10 and are packed individually like this:

Can just easiliy tear them and use them when you need to

Now for the lens comparison~~

These circle lenses are REALLY natural! Another reason why I don't like wearing circle lenses often is because I don't like changing the look of my eyes so much, I'd much rather my natural eye shape and colour. Some circle lenses I have used in the past dramatically changed my look which I don't really like too much, but these ones are really natural!

Without Circle Lens:

With Circle Lens:

As you can see, it is quite natural but you can also see the enlargement.

Close up it probably looks really obvious with the circle lenses, but from far away you can't even tell I'm wearing circle lenses:

Circle Lens Information:
D.I.A: 14.00mm
Colored D.I.A: 13.30mm
Water Content: 38.00%
B.C: 8.70mm
Package: A box of 10 Duration:
Daily Origin:
Taiwan Color: Brown
Naturalness: ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★

My verdict:
Comfort: ★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★
Overall: ★★★★

I find that the water content is quite low and it does make my eyes feel a bit dry than usual. However if you just use some eyedrops that will fix the problem. The enlargement isn't huge because this is a natural lens. This lens is perfect if you want natural looking eyes but with a bit of enlargement.

Also just for you guys, I have a coupon code!


Use this code when you check out with any purchase of $25 or more, you can get $6 off all circle lenses (except toric lenses) and HANAKO fashion wigs!

Also great news, free shipping worldwide, yay!

Pokemon X and Y Friend Code Exchange!

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Hey everyone!

This is a random blog post but for those of you who play Pokemon X or Y, add my friend code!


Please add me especially if you have a Ditto in your friend safari, I will love you forever hahahah.

Comment on either this blog post or my video with your friend code and I will add you asap! You can also tweet me your FCs too!

At the moment I don't do any battle or trades, been trying to catch all the Pokemon so I don't really want to give any away just yet, and I haven't had time to raise a team yet :P

22/09/13 Paris Day 3 ~ Final day of Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

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Hi everyone~

Today I'm going to blog about my final day at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii in Paris~ The convention ran for 3 days, and the last day (Sunday) was the busiest day of all!

I didn't take many photos on this day because it was just so busy.. But I still wanted to blog about it anyway since I met some more lovely subscribers and blog readers who came to say hi to me!

She was super cute! Her parents bought her the same outfit I was wearing! ^__^

Thank-you soooo much to everyone who said hi to me in Paris! I honestly didn't expect anyone to know who I was there! Everyone was super nice and said many encouraging words for me to continue making lots of videos! Sorry that I haven't been able to make as many videos as I'd like to lately, but I will try my best to make as many as I can!

For lunch, all the prices for food had been cut down by alot! So I could finally eat a lot of food! haha.

Karaage and Udon!

I also had this really nice drink... I can't remember what it's called but it was a purple colour with icecream in it

I was super tired by the end of the day, and we finished super late. We all went out for one final dinner at a French cafe near our hotel

Hotdog + Cheese.. yummmmmm

And icecream! I shouldn't have eaten that icecream though. I had a bad toothache that day and eating the icecream just made it worse :(

Anyway! If you haven't seen yet, here is a vlog of my time in Paris!

Sorry this post didn't have many photos but I promise my next few ones will!! Still got a lot of Japan and lots of fashion blog posts to get through!

21/09/13 - Paris Day 3 ~ Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris Day 2

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Hey guys!

I know it's been a while (again) since I've blogged. I had a few days off work the past few days so I really wanted to get back into blogging and filming a lot, but a lot of crap has been going on at home that isn't really in my control. Think of crazy people in the extended family trying to make up a whole lot of bullcrap and causing trouble for your own family just because they are just so bored with their life (get a job and do something with your life man, seriously). I feel so embarrassed that I have such uneducated people in the extended family, I don't even think I want to consider them family anymore. Usually I don't like complaining about my life in my blog posts, but this has just gotten to the point where I have had enough and well, I need to vent sometimes.

Anyway, I don't want this blog to be full of complaints from me, so....

Today I'm going to continue from where I left off about my Paris trip for Liz Lisa.

This was from my 3rd day in Paris, and the 2nd day of Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris.

On the way to the convention~

Some selfies~

The earring I got from Japan, it's meant to be Tokyo Tower I think but it looks like the Eiffel Tower so I thought it was appropiate to wear it haha.

The Liz Lisa store~

With Aino-san

They had puri-kura machines and they let us take some for free~!

I met 2 of my lovely subscribers who talked a lot to me! They invited me to have lunch with them and I thought, why not? I would've had to eat lunch by myself so it would've been great company!

Maeva & Lindsay! Aren't they both just gorgeous?! They are both bloggers as well so check out their blogs! ^^

I had ramen again for lunch

I'm so small compared to them T_____T Thank-you so much for hanging out with me girls!!

And all the other lovely subscribers I met on the day as well!!

Thank-you so much for visiting and saying hi to me! I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to know me so I'm so surprised that people all the way in France knew who I was!

For dinner, I went out with everyone else to this cool little restaurant. You go in there and pretty much make your own dish and they cook it for you which was awesome!

That's all for this post! Sorry that it's short.. the next one is going to be a bit short as well since I didn't take many photos on the days I was working.. (Was pretty much working from 8am-9pm so yeah.. not much time to do anything).

Also if you guys are interested, I uploaded a Paris Vlog on my channel today: