Jpop Summit Festival San Francisco is over~!

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Hey guys!

Just a quick blog today, I haven't had time to update because I've been so busy! I'm still in San Francisco, it's my last day today. I was working in the Liz Lisa Pop-up shop for the Jpop Summit Festival in San Francisco and it was great fun! I met so many new friends and it was great seeing some of my subscribers in person! Thank-you to everyone who said hi and gave me gifts, I'm so grateful!

Today I have a free day to explore San Francisco before heading back to Perth tonight. It was such a short trip but I'm still glad I was able to visit the United States for the first time!

I have to get going now and get ready since I'm going to go shopping with the other girls today, but here is a photo of the Liz Lisa shop staff from the weekend!

Lots of photos and videos to come when I get back to Australia! I filmed a tour around the Liz Lisa shop so I will upload that soon!

Liz Lisa is coming to San Francisco! LizLisa Fashion Contest details~! + Liz Lisa Giveaway!

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Hey guys!

Some of you already may know, but for those of you that dont..

Liz Lisa is coming to San Francisco!!

 This will be the first time Liz Lisa is coming to the United States and is a very rare opportunity! Next weekend at the J-pop Summit Festival in JapanTown San Francisco, Liz Lisa is going to set up a pop-up shop in the in the NEW PEOPLE retail store.

Details of the event:
J-pop Summit Festival
25th-26th August
San Francisco JapanTown

I'm also going to be there working in the Liz Lisa store! I would love to meet all of you guys so if you guys can, please come say hi to me there!

For more information please check out this link:

Also, Liz Lisa is going to be holding a Fashion Contest! 

LizLisa Fashion Contest Details:
J-pop Summit Festival
25th August
San Francisco JapanTown
Pagoda Stage, Peace Plaza

The contest will be run by Liz Lisa, and the theme is “Flowery, Dreamy, Girly, & Sweet!


Contest Qualifications and Details:
1. Fashion contestants do NOT have to wear Liz Lisa items but if coordination includes Liz Lisa, that’s great. For Liz Lisa fashion reference, please check out:!

2. Judging will be based on creativity and adherence to the theme, and on how each contestants explain their look to the audience during the contest.

3. The winners will be chosen by the judges: Liz Lisa staff, a member of the LL Gals and singer Kylee.

4. Gorgeous prizes presented by Liz Lisa!


To enter, you can put your name down at this site here:

Get in quick because the first few people who sign up online will get some free gifts from Liz Lisa on the day! If you don't put in your details and want to enter last minute on the day, you can still come to the wardrobe screening and join!

Wardrobe Screening:
Where: backstage, Pagoda Stage, Peace Plaza
When: Saturday, 8/25 be there by 12:30pm (no later)

I'm not sure of the exact details, but I might be a judge for the contest too! So I can't wait to see you guys in your cute outfits! For more details check out the link below:

Also, to celebrate I'm going to be hosting a LIZ LISA GIVEAWAY!

All details are in the video, if you would like to join the giveaway then please follow the instructions on the video here:

Goodluck! And can't wait to meet you guys in San Francisco!

OOTD - Pastel Green

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Quick OOTD post for today~ Wore this outfit a couple of days ago

This is a one piece outfit from Liz Lisa Spring 2012 collection, I love the mint colour!

If you haven't done so and want to participate in Liz Lisa's fashion contest in San Francisco next Saturday, please sign up here!

25/07/12 - Tokyo ~ Meeting Liz Lisa Staff

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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to blog about my second trip to Japan again, my second day. On the second day I had to head to Tokyo to meet up with Liz Lisa staff. Unfortunately I could only stay in Osaka for one day, but I'm planning to go to Japan again very soon so I'll be back! haha.

My makeup for the day~

Matsui Papa left earlier to go to their store, so Matsui Mama and I took some photos together~

Went to their store and then got some photos with them~

お世話になりました! 松居ママとパパに会えて、本当に嬉しくなりました。 また来年会おうね!☆

They made me lunch! Omurice with Somen!

美味しかったですよ! やっぱり松居ママとパパの料理は最高です! ☆

After lunch I had to leave straight away for Tokyo ~
I took the Shinkansen from Osaka which is about 2.5 hour ride to Tokyo

Selca on the train~

Just some random shots from outside while I was on the train

I arrived in Tokyo station and had to go to Shibuya to meet the staff of Liz Lisa. I got lost AGAIN in Tokyo station (it's so big and confusing! T_T) so I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do.

I made it in the end to Shibuya on time, so we went to a nice cafe to talk about a few things, then went out to dinner. Here is a whole load of food photos of what we had that night~

Tofu Salad, it was SO good!



I gave koalas for everyone!


It was great to meet everyone! I had so much fun that night!

☀ OOTD ☀ Liz Lisa Summer Gyaru Outfit - Mini Tokyo Vlog 今日のコーディネート

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It's been so long since I've updated my Youtube Channel T__T Really sorry about that, however I have about 4-5 videos half edited so I should get more videos out very soon!

I used to do OOTD videos frequently but kind of stopped, but perhaps I'll try do them a bit more often from now on. Do you guys prefer me filming in front of a mirror or just filming it how I used to in the past?

I filmed this quickly before I headed out to Shibuya one day in Tokyo in my hotel room.

Extra photos~

Blouse and Skirt are from Liz Lisa.

30/01/12 - Umeda

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Hey guys!

Going to try get as many blog posts done as possible! I know it's been ages since I've updated my Youtube Channel, I've got a few videos half edited so I will try get them done soon.. I'm planning on doing more frequent OOTD videos from now on, what do you guys think?

Today I'm going to blog about my day in Umeda, in Osaka, when I was in Japan in January this year. Umeda is like the "central" city of Osaka. You can get there by going to "Umeda" station on the subway or "Osaka station" on JR lines.

We were planning to meet a few friends in Umeda that day so we were super lazy and woke up late that day. We went to have a late lunch at a nearby Lotteria, which is a Japanese fast food restaurant, similar to McDonalds (I think it's Japanese?)

My burger! Hmm.. to be honst I didn't really like it so don't think I'll buy it again.

We met up with Shoko at Umeda to hang out!

Her nails are so pretty!

Shoko took us to a Japanese cafe to hang out for a bit, the cakes are so pretty!

What I had~ I can't remember what it was, but it was blueberry something :S

After some catching up, we went to take purikura!


We didn't know where to hang out, so we decided to go to Loft, which is a Japanese store that sells pretty much everything. It's a great place to hang out if you're bored cos there are so many interesting things in there!

They have lots of interesting iPhone accessories there

They also had a lot of mini digital cameras! Really cute, but I'm really picky with quality of my photos so unfortunately they're not for me haha.

The chocolate camera is so cute! It's only about $30 too!

I think this is the creepiest camera I've ever seen..

Megane camera? (Megane = glasses), sounds so creepy and stalkerish haha.

USB thing, it's pretty cool haha.


Unfortunately Shoko couldn't stay long :(

Asuka came and met up with us for a few minutes after class since she wanted to say bye to us, it was so sad to say bye to everyone :(

They had some illumination lights outside!

That's it for now, I know it's a short post but I'm going to try work on my videos soon! Hopefully my next few posts will be more interesting :P