Causewaymall Haul

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Hey guys!

Today I have another clothing haul to share with you guys! A few weeks ago I ordered from Causewaymall ( Wanted to do this review earlier but I've been so busy lately with uni :( Causewaymall is another Asian Fashion site that sells many clothes for really cheap prices! They are from Hong Kong and they are always adding more clothes to their website so it's definetely worth checking out!

In this post I'll be showing you guys the items I bought and photos of me wearing them. For most Asian Fashion sites, the item you get isn't what you see in the photo so I'll be taking my own photos~ Big thanks to my boyfriend for helping me take these photos! haha

1. Trendy & Cute Euro Sequined Knit Poncho - Pink

Lately I have been loving Ponchos. They are so cute and are perfect for the fall season!

Overall I love this piece! It's so cute and it's definitely something I will wear out frequently.

2. Romantic Gipsy Sleeves Printed Chiffon Blouse

If you guys know me, I LOVE flowery stuff so I ended up getting this blouse

I was expecting it to have a bit more colour in it, but nevertheless it's still really cute and will go well with all my Liz Lisa clothing haha.

3. Angelical Layered Asymmetric Collar Coat - Pink

I really love this item! I love cardigans but I actually don't own many T_T I think I only owned 2 in my life haha (and I lost one of them T_T) so I decided to get this one. I love the design of this, it's really unique! I think if I tied a small belt around my waist then it would look nicer, but decided not to since I was already wearing a belt inside.

4. J-0998 Smart Double Collar Tied Waist Trench Coat - Beige

You can also button up the sleeve to make it short sleeved~

This is one of my favourite items! It's perfect to wear for a casual or a formal night out! It is also quite thin so it's really good to wear during spring/autumn. I love how it looks as well!

5. Stunning Beaded Waist & Shoulder Cocktail Dress - Black

I decided to get a more formal dress since most of the ones I have are all party dresses. I ended up choosing a simple black dress since I realized that I actually don't have one haha. I really love this dress, nice and simple!

6. Feminine Chains Prints Satin Bow Hairband - Black

Really cute bow headband! I was wearing it in a few of my other outfits hehe.

That's all for my haul! Definitely check out the website for some cheap clothes if you have some time~!

Real vs. Fake Liz Lisa labels

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Hey everyone~

As promised today I'll be posting comparisons for real and fake Liz Lisa labels.

Before I start I just want to say, the ONLY ways to buy authentic Liz Lisa clothing is through the official Liz Lisa site by using Tenso, or through the Liz Lisa Rakuten site. I have noticed recently, MANY new sites have been opening up, claiming they get their Liz Lisa clothes from the original factories, that's why they can sell them cheaper and sometimes labels are cut off. That is all a load of bull, DO NOT believe any of them. They DO NOT get their clothes from the original Liz Lisa factory, they get them all from Taobao. Taobao sells heaps of fake Liz Lisa clothing, and for a cheap price too! All of these sites just buy from Taobao, then they charge 3x the price they paid, major rip off. If you guys aren't sure whether or not a site (or someone) is selling authentic Liz Lisa and would want to know, just comment on this post and I'll try reply to it when I can.

I have thrown away most of my Liz Lisa labels but fortunately I have kept one! The item was a huge coat I bought for half price cos it was on special lol. Anyway, when you buy Liz Lisa clothing the tag is bigger, however the sales assistant rips off half of it to keep for sales purposes I think.

So first up, here are what real Liz Lisa tags/labels look like

So the front of the Liz Lisa tag, it's a pinkish colour. Let's compare the real/fake tags

Sorry for the bad lighting, but as you can see, the real one is darker.

All of the tags:

See a difference in colour? The real one is darker than the fake ones.

But, it's hard to compare if you don't have the real tag right? Well let's look at this. Put the tags under some light

The REAL Liz Lisa label has a matte finish, the fake ones don't and will look shiny in light.

Now, let's turn the tags around.
Here is what an authentic tag should look like:

The price is in Yen if you get it from Japan. Price at the top is with tax, price below that is without tax. The colour is a NUMBER. Size is a NUMBER.

Now the fakes:

They are all the same! Colour says "ブラック" which reads "Burakku = Black". None of the items I bought were black. Size is F? The number is exactly the same for all the numbers.

Let's compare real & fake

Completely different right?

Let's shine it under light again

As you can see, the REAL Liz Lisa tag shines under light. The fakes have a matte finish. Other way around? :S

Now let's compare the labels:

Fake, enough said.

Fake one says "Liz & Lisa"

The fake one is made out of shiny material. Authentic one isn't.

Now this last one is hard. It looks so real that I had a hard time comparing it to the real ones. I used 3 different authentic Liz Lisa clothing to compare and finally found out the difference.

Looks the same, right?

I tried comparing with something else:

Ok, so what I think is the difference. The authentic label, the "Liz Lisa" is more precise. On the fake, the "Liz Lisa" writing is kind of fading out, kind of looks like the colour had ran a bit. Also the colours are different. Now this fake is really good, I was having a hard time comparing them. As you see in the last photo, the "Liz Lisa" on the authentic one is darker, more precise. On the fake, you can see that it's not as clear, almost looks kind of blurry. But let me tell you know, looking at them both in person, if someone just gave them both to me to examine, I would think that they are both real. They are just so similar (which is kind of cool but it's annoying at the same time haha)

So that's it for the comparison. Hope it helped you guys. Any questions just comment on this post and I will try get back to you!