29/07/12 - Last day in Japan for Summer! Hanging out in Shibuya 最後の日〜 渋谷で買い物

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Hey guys!

This post is going to be my last post about my quick Japan trip in July when Liz Lisa flew me over to meet me. I still have A LOT more Japan posts coming up though! I still have about another 3 weeks worth of blogs from my Japan trip at the start of the year haha. I've also been trying to edit a lot more videos lately too, so expect lots of frequent videos on both my main Youtube and my Vlog Youtube channels!

I don't have too many photos to share during my last day in Japan. Japanese summer is quite horrible, very humid and sticky, so I didn't feel like taking photos most of the time :(

Anyway, on this day I decided to spend the day shopping with one of my Youtube subscribers, Tomoko! Tomoko messaged me before at the start of the year asking if I'll be in Japan during the summer. At the time I had no plans to go to Japan in summer so I said I probably wouldn't be. When I announced that I was going to Japan again because Liz Lisa contacted me, she messaged me again saying she wished that we can go shop at Shibuya109 together. Since I had a day free, and I never would've been given these amazing opportunities without the help and support of my subscribers (you guys mean a lot to me!), I thought why not? I told her that I would love to meet her and go shopping!

It was actually a disaster for me that morning. I kind of overslept a little bit, so I was rushing a lot. While curling my hair I burnt my finger (I always seem to have trouble with curling irons in Japan =_= The previous time I was in Japan I burnt my neck =_=), so that resulted with me sucking on my thumb for a lot of the day hahaha. I ran down to Shibuya109 to meet Tomoko... when I was half way there I realized I had "forgot" my wallet, ran back to my hotel room, couldn't find it, then realized it was at the bottom of my bag. I think I made her wait for like 30 minutes? So sorry T_T

Anyway, here is an OOTD photo!

Got to Shibuya109 to meet up with Tomoko, so we just walked around to go shopping!

Stopped by Liz Lisa, I wanted to say bye to Yumi-chan since I was leaving the next day.

She's the store manager of the Shibuya109 Liz Lisa store ^^

After a few hours of shopping, we decided to go have lunch! We went to a really cute restaurant that makes all organic food!

The food was really good!


After lunch, I wanted to go to Harajuku to do a bit of shopping. Little did I know that it was a Sunday, it was SUPER crowded, and being a really hot and humid day... it was crazy!! I'm so sorry for dragging you all the way here Tomoko! haha T_T

After we headed back to Shibuya since I was meeting another friend there. We went back to Shibuya109 to rest on the top floor while waiting. Everytime I go back to Japan, I meet my friend Sena, who went to highschool with me! She is now working as a singer in Japan!

Since Tomoko had to leave to go back earlier (she doesn't live in Tokyo so the train ride will be quite long), we went to take Purikura together!

Tomoko and I!

Oh, and if you guys haven't seen yet, I actually vlogged a bit on this day in Japan. It's a really quick OOTD + vlog, I have a lot more from Japan coming soon though!

Sena and I then decided to go get some dinner!

Sena and I!

We couldn't hang out long because I had to go back to my hotel to pack my bag.. and I had to leave at 6am the next day to get to the airport T_T

Just some photos as I was flying over Japan

Can you spot Mt. Fuji?

That's all from my blog posts of my quick Japan trip in the summer! Once again thank-you to everyone who supported me throughout the past year on Youtube and my blog! I really appreciate what all of you do for me ♡ I wouldn't have been able to experience these amazing opportunities if it weren't for you guys! I will keep working hard to make more interesting blog posts and videos! There are still a lot of exciting things coming up for Liz Lisa also, I will do my best!

28/07/12 Catching up with friends in Shibuya!

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Hey guys!

Finally got (one) assignment out of the way, but still more to do *cries* But I have a week off uni this week, so going to try film a lot more! Any requests, please let me know now so I can prepare to film ^_^

Today I'm going to blog about another day in Tokyo! I had the day to myself so I decided to visit some places to shop for a few things on my own in the morning, since I was going to meet some friends at night.

Look of the day~

Walking to the train station in Shibuya

First stop~ Akihabara. I went to Donkihote, they sell lots of different things, including makeup and usually have lots of sales!



Skincare~ I bought a few and have (finally) re-filmed my skincare routine video, so it will come out next week!

You see lots of interesting things when you go upstairs~

Then went to make a quick stop at Ikebukuro to do some shopping. Had crepes! Perfect for summer!

Tasted good, sucked cos I was surrounded by couples and I was alone. foreveralone.jpg

Weirdest shop name ever, but I like the clothes there

Went back to Shibuya~

There was a protest going on when I got back, not sure what it was about though.

Lots of girls in yukatas~ There was a summer festival I wanted to go to that day, but it was just way too hot T_T

Went back to my hotel to rest for a bit and put all my shopping down, then I went out again to meet my friend~

Met up at Shibuya109, she helped me take some photos!

We went to Starbucks~

My drink~

You might remember Shoko from my other blog post here. She used to live in Osaka but moved to Tokyo for work~

The view from starbucks

Shoko had to leave earlier cos she was feeling unwell, so I waited around to meet up with another friend, Atushi. He just came back from work and met me at Starbucks. He then took me to a really famous sushi restaurant in Shibuya~

We had to wait for around 1 hour in line to get in!

Atushi gave me some muffins!

Decided to get a sushi platter

Atushi~ lol


Atushi and I!

We talked for ages haha. I met Atushi when he came to Australia for a quick 3 week exchange, every time I go to Japan I meet up with him to catch up. He is now studying abroad in the States though which is cool!

Atushi made me take a picture with the chefs haha

After dinner, Atushi and I went to take Purikura!

That's all for now ^_^ Hope you guys have a great day!