Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense in 32 Review

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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to be reviewing Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in 32!

I was gifted this from one of my Youtube friends, Shirley Wu! Check out her channel!


I was talking to Shirley a long time ago when we were doing a makeup swap, and she asked me if I've ever tried Makeup Forever before. I never have because you can't get the products in Australia, so when she went to IMATS LA a few years ago she picked some stuff up for me!

One of the Makeup Forever items she got me was the Rouge Artist Intense lipstick
I really like the packaging, really simple and sleek.

As you can see on the swatch, it's really pigmented

See how matte it is?

Overally I was really impressed with this lipstick! I've tried matte lipsticks before and I never liked them but this one I did. It's not drying at all compared to the other matte lipsticks.

- Very matte and not drying at all!
- Very pigmented

- Has that weird lipstick odour. Not sure if you guys know what I'm on about, but I find that Western lipsticks have this weird lipstick smell.
- Expensive and hard to get if you are not in the US
- Because it is a matte lipstick, if your lips aren't moisturized enough then it will be a bit hard to apply

Get the lipstick here:

5 QUICK & HEALTHY Lunches ♥︎ | Back to School Lunch Ideas

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Quick and Healthy Back to School Lunches!


Stuck on what to bring to school? Here are 5 very quick and easy lunches that you can make that taste amazing! They take less than 10 minutes to make and are also healthy!

I usually buy my lunches outside, but it is so expensive and most likely not very healthy! Lately I've been trying to save up money so this is a great way to save a lot and also to eat healthier!

Watch the video here:

Back to School Outfit Ideas 2015

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It's almost back to school time for those starting school again after the summer holidays, so I decided to do a Back to School lookbook to give you guys ideas!

Usually I dress fully decked out in Liz Lisa, but lately my style has changed a bit. I still love the cute Japanese fashion but I have been mixing it up with other things such as jeans! I think this mix is perfect for school!

If you guys haven't seen the video yet, here it is:

The outfits:

Outfit 1:

Blouse: Taobao
Cardigan: Taobao
Pants: Valley Girl

Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The blouse and cardigan I got recently on Taobao. They are replicas from the Sailor Moon TRALALA collaboration! I paired it with a pair of black jeans which go really well together! The full Sailor Moon outfit is really cute but maybe a bit too cute to wear out to school haha.

If you guys haven't seen my Taobao Haul yet, here it is:

Outfit 2:

This is more of a "mature" outfit. I love the top I got from Chicabooti, it goes well with so many outfits! I'm in love with jeggings lately since they are so comfortable!

Top: Chicabooti
Blazer: Forever New
Jeggings: Cotton On

Outfit 3:

I also got this one piece outfit from my latest Taobao Haul. I wish that they weren't attached, I might just try to deattach them later haha. I absolutely LOVE the top, but not too fond of the skirt!

One Piece: Taobao

Outfit 4:

Very casual outfit! I would wear these on lazy days

Top: Tempt
Shorts: Wholesale Dress

Outfit 5:

Now we are back to the cute Japanese fashion! I LOVE this top from Liz Lisa. It has musical notes on it, when I saw it the first time I knew I had to have it.

Blouse: Liz Lisa
Skort: INGNI

Outfit 6:

Last outfit! I actually really like this one! I love the Liz Lisa top, it goes well with so many things! I decided to pair them with a pair of jeans from Regalect Japan, and a jacket from Liz Lisa!

Blouse: Liz Lisa
Jacket: Liz Lisa
Jeans: Regalect

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Waterproof Type

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing another one of my favourite mascaras ever! This one is the Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara (Waterproof Type). These came in 2 different types, Waterproof and Film type. I personally like the Film type better because I feel that it lenghtens better than the waterproof type, however this one is still really good! The problem is.. I have no idea where to buy Fairy Drops anymore in Japan :( I used to buy them in PLAZA but they stopped selling Fairy Drops. Went to the website and tried different stores that said they sold Fairy Drops at... but no where to be found :( I asked one of the staff at a Donkihote if they knew why they stopped selling and she said she didn't even realize. If anyone knows where I can buy Fairy Drops mascaras please let me know because I really want to get some more T_T


Anyway the packaging is really nice

And the wand is curved which makes it easier to applyvlcsnap-2014-04-15-16h47m23s13

Left eye: No mascara, Right eye: mascara

Both eyes with mascara
Makes quite a difference!

Final Verdict:
I love this mascara because it lenghtens well and also adds volume. I find it hard to find mascaras that will lengthen my short lashes so I find Asian mascaras work the best for me. It just sucks how I can't find these anywhere anymore! It is definitely one of my all time favourite mascaras!

- Lengthens well and gives good volume
- Easy to remove

- SO hard to find!
- Expensive in Japan (close to $20) but I got this one in Hong Kong for around $11
- Dries out quite quickly

You can purchase the mascara from the links below: