1000 subscribers!

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Hey guys!

I just reached 1000 subscribers today so I just want to write this blog post to thank everyone who has supported me! I honestly wasn't expecting to reach 1000 that fast, I've only been active for less than 3 months so I'm really happy that there are people supporting me! I hope that I can keep making more videos in the future for you guys!

hehe, glad I was awake to take this screencap ^-^

Unfortunately I've been a bit sick lately.. It is moving onto winter in Australia and this is the time that I usually get sick really easily. I have exams coming up soon as well so unfortunately I won't have time to film many videos for a while.. I got a lot of lectures to catch up on and lots of study to get done :( I have filmed quite a few videos that still need editing so will perhaps edit and upload when I'm taking time off studying!

Mini Japanese Makeup Haul

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So my stuff that I ordered a while ago arrived in the mail yesterday! I'll just make a quick post to show the stuff I bought, will do a proper review on these products later, finals are coming up soon so I will be busy for a while unfortunately :( I will be doing a haul video in a few days hopefully, but it might be my last video until my finals are finished.

This is just a little mini haul, I didn't get too many things since I'm trying to save up money. It seems that a lot of people want me to do proper "in detail" reviews on Japanese cosmetic products so they know what to and what not to buy. I promise I will do them once I get around to it!

Onto the haul!
These items I purchased from www.ichibankao.com
They have a HUGE range of Japanese products, they have the most affordable prices I've seen online. All of their items already include international shipping so you don't have to pay more for shipping! I got these items within a week, would really recommend going to this website if you're looking for some Japanese products!

The items I bought

Canmake Concealer Foundation UV

Haven't tried this out properly yet but I LOVE the packaging! It's so cute and pretty! I have the Shu Uemura one but the shade is a bit too dark for me unfortunately so hopefully this shade will be ok!

Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer

You guys have seen this item before, I love this concealer! My favourite concealer ever, covers so well and lasts all day.

Canmake Eyeshadow Base

Again you guys have seen this before but I love it so got a backup

Canmake Nudy Glow Lipgloss

Haven't opened this but the colour looks pretty!

Diamond Lash

Never tried these before so I thought I'd buy some nice fake lashes. I only have the really cheap ones I bought from ebay which are way too plastic looking so hoping these will be better. (Notice the sticker on the back from Donkihote? haha if you guys have been to Japan you would know how annoying the song is that they play in that shop xD But the stuff is cheap!)

Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue

The glue that I used to use for lashes ran out, so got this one!

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Eyelashes with case

Going to do a Gyaru Makeup Tutorial so Dolly Wink lashes are a must for that!

So that's it! Definitely a lot small than my first Japanese makeup haul. But hope you guys liked it! Video and reviews will come up soon!

KATE Eyeshadows Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to do a review on some Kate eyeshadows. For those of you who don't know the brand "Kate", it's a popular Japanese drugstore brand. While I was in Japan I bought some Kate eyeshadows, didn't buy many because they are quite pricey (for drugstore brands).

So onto the reviews:

1. KATE Gradical Eyes in BR-2
I really love this eyeshadow palette and use it a lot. The colours as you can see in the photos are really pigmented. The brush it comes with is really soft also, however I don't really use the brushes much. I lost the packaging for this item since I was using this quite a bit while in Japan and probably threw the packaging out. This item was around 1000yen I think which is about $13.

The back of the palette

Some swatches:

I really love this palette, really easy to use and you can do subtle smokey eye looks with it. They have this palette in different colours but I found this is the only one that I can use daily because of the neutral tones.

Next up:
2. KATE Reflect Mirror Eyes in PU-2
I absolutely LOVE this palette! The colours aren't very pigmented but the eyeshaows are so shiny that it's probably better that way. When you apply the eyeshadows with this palette, it gives the kind of "wet eyeshadow" look (not really sure how to explain it). The shimmers are REALLY pretty in this palette. Would definitely recommend it!


The product:


Last one:
KATE Spring 2011 eyeshadow
I don't actually know what this is called, on the packaging it says "Crystal you na" and I don't really know what it means. But anyway, when I was in Japan this palette was just released so it is relatively new. To be honest, I don't like this palette much. The white eyeshadow isn't pigmented at all so I find it hard to work with. The other colours aren't bad, but for the price, I would say go for the other 2 palettes I posted just above. I think they're cheaper and better quality. This is 1600yen which is around $20 which is quite expensive I think. However, the packaging is super cute, just wish the eyeshadows were a bit more pigmented.

The packaging:

The product:


So yeah, that's it for my KATE eyeshadow palette reviews! Hope it helped you guys if you're interested in buying these items!

I'm a Youtube Partner!

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Hey guys!
Not sure if you guys have seen, but my Youtube Channel looks different now with new banners!

Yesterday I was accepted into the Youtube Partner Program! I'm so happy because I've only been active on youtube for only 2 months and so I couldn't believe how fast I was able to be accepted into this program! I just want to say THANK-YOU to all my subscribers for supporting me throughout the time I've been on youtube. I hope to make more videos that will be able to inspire you guys even more!

So I thought I'd just make a quick post on how I got started on Youtube.

I made my channel way back when Youtube was first getting popular in 2006, but didn't start off with makeup tutorials. I was posting videos of me playing the piano back when I was in highschool but I deleted them to move them to my "other" channel http://www.youtube.com/xkimdaox but I no longer use that channel. I used that channel to upload random videos I took at our school talent show and also some of my piano videos. To be honest I don't know why I made that new channel and decided to keep my current channel empty. But anyway, I never used to visit youtube much because my internet was really slow back then.

It wasn't until around 2009 when I started getting interested in makeup. I was always interested but never really did much. I started doing some modeling back in 2008 and realized that I didn't actually know how to put makeup on properly so I had to get my friend to teach me how to. In 2009 I started buying more makeup and practicing with makeup. I remember when I first started I decided to make makeup videos on my youtube for fun back in 2009. I made a few videos back then, Sunset eyes tutorial, bronze look, and my first ever tutorial was a random one I put together which wasn't very good haha. Back then I had about 10 subscribers so I was so happy people were actually watching my videos. My videos had about 80 views each and the highest view I ever got was around 400 on a video I think. I realized that my tutorials weren't really helpful because sometimes my face wasn't even in the frame so people couldn't even see what I was doing, so I deleted all my old tutorials.

When I got back from Japan this year I have been making videos regularly. The amount of support I have been receiving from people has been great and it has encouraged me to keep going. I just want to thank everyone who has supported me because without you guys I wouldn't be able to be where I am now.

09/05/11 - A bit of retail therapy

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Hey guys!

So I've been really busy lately with uni assignments but I finally managed to get them all out of the way! So now all I have to do is to catch up on all my millions of lectures I still have to listen to :P

Because I've been so stressed out lately with my assignments I decided to go and do a bit of retail therapy, so just thought I'd do this quick post to show you guys what I bought so you can look forward to some reviews on them!

First up are some beauty products. After coming back from Japan and using all the Japanese makeup products, I really regret not buying more so I decided to buy some more products online last night. I bought these items from ichibankao.com So onto the items!

First up:
Dolly Wink Eyelash Limited Set

When I was in Japan I didn't buy any fake eyelashes. I used to wear them but I kind of stopped because they got too annoying to wear. I decided to buy this item because I'm going to do a Japanese Gyaru tutorial and so I had to get these for a more "authentic" look! This is a limited edition set that also comes with two dolly wink lashes. Number 2 in Sweet Girly for the top lashes and Number 6 in Baby Cute for bottom lashes. I'm kind of worried how it will turn out to be since I never have worn fake lashes for my bottom lashes before!

Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue

I have a lot of fake lashes but my eyelash glue has all dried out because I rarely use them, so I decided to get the Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue also.

Diamond Lash in Number 2: Rich Eyes

I liked those lashes so thought I'd buy them to try them out.

Canmake Eyeshadow Base

I actually have this already, I bought it while I was in Japan to just try and I loved it! I decided to buy another one for backup. Wish I did buy more whilst I was in Japan though, they were only around $7 over there!

Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer in Number 1: Light Beige

Hands down, best concealer I have ever used! I LOVE this concealer so much, excellent coverage and lasts the whole day! It is also waterproof! I decided to buy this concealer to just try when I was in Japan but didn't actually use it until I got back to Australia. Really regretting not buying more of these as well so I decided to buy a spare just incase I run out.

Canmake Nudy Glow Lipgloss in Number 2: Strawberry Whip

Haven't tried this yet but I love the colour so going to try it out.

Canmake Concealer Foundation in Number 3: Natural Ochre

Heard some good reviews on this item so thought I'd try it out. I have the Shu Uemura one however the shade is a bit too dark for me. I'm actually worried about this shade since I can't try it out before buying it... I just hope the shade will be ok for me!

So that's it for my Japanese makeup items I bought. I'll do a proper review once they get to me hopefully by early next week!

Now.. onto the more "geekier stuff" I just bought!

Lumix LX5 Digital Camera

For those that know me, I use to have a Samsung ST550 (TL225) and I honestly don't like it much. Sure, takes decent photos, has a front screen which is useful for self portraits and the beauty mode is excellent for good photos, however I was never happy with the camera. I had so many problems with it and so eventually I got sick of it so I decided to get a new camera. I ended up choosing the Lumix LX5. I have heard really good reviews on this camera so decided to purchase it myself.

I have already received the camera since I bought it last week, so far I do love it. Takes good quality photos, has manual mode so I can finally control what I want in photos and it looks really good! This camera also has a beauty mode... but to be honest it doesn't work very well and doesn't make you look as good as the ST550 does .. haha. But anyway, so far good camera, but I haven't had it for too long so can't really review it properly yet.

Nikon SB-700 Flash

I FINALLY bought a Nikon flash! Before I have 2 really cheap brand flashes that did the job, but weren't that great. I really needed a flash that I can work with on photoshoots to make my life and job easier so I decided to get a SB-600 at the start. However it is now discontinued and no matter how much I bid on ebay I kept loosing. I then researched about the SB-700 and found that the price is really similar to the SB-600 so I thought I might as well get the newer model. I only just bought it today so it should come by early next week.

So yeah, that's it for the stuff I bought during the past 2 weeks. Do you guys want me to do individual reviews on the Japanese products I bought? I think that it might be useful if you guys are planning to buy any of these items and want reviews first. If you want them I can do proper reviews once I get my flash for some good lighting and high quality photos!

08/02/11 - Shizuoka Museum of Art

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Hey guys!
I'm in the mood to blog but it's just probably because I really don't want to do my essay so I'm finding another distraction haha. So I thought I'd make another post about Japan. This post will be about my second day in a Japanese highschool. I didn't really stay in school for long on this day since the teachers were going to take us out to the Shizuoka museum. However I did attend a few classes that morning before going to the Shizuoka museum.

I woke up at 5.30 as usual and arrived at school at 7.30am.

Chiho with someone's Pikachu blanket, so cute!

Their sports field

A hallway

Shizuoka gakuen is still in the process of building a new campus so next year they will be moving from this campus.

I was introduced to my two class buddies that morning and then was taken to their classroom where I will spend my classes. The teacher asked me to do a 紹介 (shoukai, introduction) to the class. Every morning it seems in the homeroom class they have a test on different subjects. The first day was an English test so they let me try it out. The first class was a maths class so the teacher attempted to teach in English which was quite funny since the whole class was complaining that they couldn't understand haha. The next class was history so they had to listen to Martin Luther King's speech and then try get the idea of the speech. It was quite interesting sitting in on all the classes. I sat in 2 classes and then the teachers took the exchange students to go to the Shizuoka museum.

We were able to get free entry to go into the art museum since we were students. (Travel tip: Bring your student cards around if you're going to Japan, you never know when you can use them for discounts! Even if it's an overseas student card). We weren't allowed to take photos in the art exhibition area so there's nothing much to show. Honestly I'm not really interested in paintings and that so I quickly walked through the exhibition. I then used some of my time to try read the descriptions of the paintings (which were all in Japanese) but I got bored pretty fast. If you do have an interest in art/painting however then definitely give this place a visit.

The Shizuoka Museum of Art also had the Rodin statues but we decided to have lunch first at the restaurant there. I ordered a chicken curry

We then went to the area where they had the Rodin statues on display. We were allowed to take photos in here so I took a few.

Funny photo of a friend... but we were given these huge telephone looking things where you put in a number of the statue and it will explain to you what the statues are about. You can get them in both Japanese and English

"The Thinker"

I think this one is called "Gates of Hell"

But yeah that's about it for our trip to the Shizuoka Museum of Art. Wasn't really anything that interesting to be honest but I'm sure there are many others who would like it. I went back to the school where I met up with Chiho again. We went back to Shizuoka station where we met up with Eric who was staying in Nagoya on his own. He was going to hang out with us for a few hours so we decided to walk around Shizuoka and do some shopping!

Shibuya 109 "Dreams"! aka Shizuoka 109. This shopping mall has exactly the same shops as Shibuya 109

Blueberry Crepes!

So while shopping we ran into Annie and her host student so we decided to all hang out together and go karaoke!

Me and Chiho ♡ Karaoke in Japan is really cheap! For an hour it was only about $3 a person whereas in Australia it's close to $10 an hour per person T_T Also the songs are always updated in Japan!

After we went to get some dinner at a restaurant near the Shizuoka station. Chiho recommended us to try omlette rice which was so nice! I've always wanted to try it after watching the drama Zettai Kareshi hehe.

So that's it for my second day in a Japanese highschool. My next post will be more about the Japanese highschool life since I spent the whole day at the school. I'll talk to you guys then! If you guys haven't done so already, like my new facebook page for updates on the left hand side bar of my blog!