MAC Mineralize Blush Warm Soul Review

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul. I got this blush when I went to San Francisco for about $15! (Which is super cheap compared to Australia, it's more than double the price here :( ) I really wanted a blush from MAC but didn't know which one. I like natural blushes since they go well with almost everything and you can wear it everyday!


This one is my first MAC blush and I am absolutely loving it!

With no blush:

Applying blush:

Final Look:
I just love how natural it looks!

- Super natural and great for everyday wear
- Lasts all day!

- Expensive (in Australia, so yeah best to buy it overseas if you're Australian)
- The packaging is kinda not... sturdy enough. If you look at the photo with my MAC lid up, the plastic bit actually fell off and I can't put it back together again :(

You can try out the MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul here:

Soft Brown Sultry Makeup Tutorial

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Hey everyone!

I just posted a new makeup tutorial on my Youtube channel!

A lot of people requested this look from my previous videos so here it is! It is actually a really simple look to do, just need some patience with the blending! Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and leave me a comment on the video!

Products used in this video:
1. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer
2. Mamonde Real Skin Founder
3. Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
4. KATE Designing Eyebrow N
5. MAC Paint Pot Soft Ocre
6. RIMMEL Gem Dew Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
7. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black
8. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
9. Herione Make Kiss Me Mascara
10. D.U.P False Eyelashes
11. Innisfree Shadow Pencil
12. MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul
13. Jill Stuart Lip Blossom Lipstick
14. MAC Fix +

Also thank-you SO much for 100,000 subscribers!! I love you all!

OOTD: Casual Summer Outfit

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Hi everyone!

It's been super hot lately in Perth! I actually like it because it means more beach time for me! hehe. Here is an outfit I wore a few days ago when just hanging out with some friends!



The top is from ARROW, one of my favourite places to shop in Japan for blouses. They always have the cutest blouses there! The shorts are from Pinky Girls. I absolutely love them! The shoes are from Feminine Cafe. I really want more shoes that I can wear in the summer haha T_T I have way too many boots!

If you like this outfit then please hype it on Lookbook!

Also for more outfit photos follow me on my instagram!

Liz Lisa 2015 Fukubukuro Reveal!

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Hi everyone!

Just yesterday Liz Lisa released what will be inside the 2015 Fukubukuros so I thought I'd share them with you today!

They revealed what will be in all the bags except for the Web Limited bag.

First up is the 20,000yen bags.

The pink version:


I'm glad I didn't get this bag. I wasn't thinking about it anyway since the bag wasn't really cute looking and it's something I probably won't use. The items inside are kind of... meh to me. They seem a bit too plain for Liz Lisa clothes.

The white version:


I like this one better than the pink bag. The clothes are a lot cuter. For some reason though, I feel that the items in this bag are items they couldn't sell in last year's winter collection. The skirt and the sweater on the right look really familiar... Still, I think that this bag has clothes that are much cuter than the pink one.

Next up is the small suitcase, the one I ordered.


To be honest the first time I saw the items I was a bit disappointed. The coat is almost identical to the one from last year's lucky bag, but just a bit shorter. The camisole... I don't know but I don't like it when Liz Lisa includes camisoles in their lucky bags. I have way too many of them and you feel that you don't really get much out of a camisole. The dress is cute though, so at least I like something in the bag! The coat I do like as well but the camisole... I'll find some use for it lol.

Last one is the More More 3 Way bag

I'm SO glad I didn't get this bag. I was so close to getting it because you can order it with the small suitcase. The reason? Liz Lisa sold a dress identical to that in last year's winter collection which I already have. The dress is cute so I really do like it, but I already have one identical to it. The cardigan I also have something almost identical when Liz Lisa went to Paris. Cute items in here, but I'm glad I didn't get it since I already have those items!

What do you guys think of the lucky bags now that they've been revealed?

Etude House Pink Tonic Lip Gloss Review

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Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite lipglosses, the Etude House Pink Lip Gloss!


I picked out this item myself when I did a makeup video for If you use the coupon code "KIMDAO" you will get 10% off your order :)

Back then I really wanted to try out more Korean cosmetics so I chose this one! I'm glad I did!

Note: I did receive this for free from imomoko but I'm not getting paid to do any reviews for it.

The packaging is a bit worn out, I always keep it in my makeup bag




Final Verdict:
I've always liked lipglosses more than lipsticks. I find that with lipglosses the colour stays on longer. Even if it comes out, there is still a bit of colour left behind on your lips. This lipgloss is super pigmented and I love applying this on top of my other lipsticks!

- Very pigmented
- Colour stays on your lips even if the lipgloss rubs off
- Cheap!

- I really can't think of one!

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber Primer Review

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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to be reviewing an eyelash primer from Majolica Majorca. The Lash Bone Fiber Primer! Most of you guys know that Majolica Majorca do make one of the best mascaras, but they are very hard to remove. However they do lengthen and gives you great volume. I decided to get the eyelash primer


Packaging is very similar to the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara, but in white.

Left eye: None
Right eye: Primer
As you can see.. my right eye is quite clumpy and that is the side with the mascara base.

Final Verdict:
I don't recommend this at all. It makes your lashes go really hard to the point where it starts hurting when you blink because your lashes are just too thick. It also does look quite clumpy as well, I personally think it looks better without it.

- ... honestly I can't think of a pro for this item

- I find that it makes your lashes too hard and it hurts throughout the day
- It's so damn hard to remove
- Clumps your lashes

If you're interested to try it out then you can find it here:

Liz Lisa 2015 Fukubukuro Lucky Bags

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Hey guys!

The Liz Lisa 2015 Fukubukuros were announced today! I logged in pretty much straight away when they were released to quickly put an order in! haha.

For those of you who don't know what a Fukubukuro is, it is a "lucky pack" that they sell on New Year's day in Japan. A "lucky pack" usually has a whole bunch of items inside the bag that is usually worth more than the price you're paying. Heaps of people line up for the Fukubukuros every year! Heaps of stores in Japan do Fukubukuros (Almost all the Shibuya109 brands, Apple Store, variety stores etc).

Last year I was able to get the Fukubukuro that I wanted! Luckily I knew some people working at the Liz Lisa head office so I got them to save me one! Here is an unboxing video that I made:

Anyway! I'm not sure when I will be back in Japan so I decided to just preorder a Fukubukuro myself! Here are the ones they released this year!

Rose Ribbon Carry Suitcase



This is a web limited edition item. I was going to get this but decided not to, mainly because well... I don't need more suitcases and shipping will be expensive :( Also, I think it will be quite similar to the one I already have. The price is ¥27,000 including tax for the item which is quite expensive. It will have 6 items that come in it I believe.

Pure Pure Big Tote


This one I was kind of surprised at because it's really... plain. It comes in 2 colours, a white and a pink and it is ¥21,600 including tax for one of them. Pretty expensive so I was a bit disappointed in this one. It says there are 5 items in a bag and you can do 2 different coordinates with them.

More More 3 Way Bag


Who is coming up with these weird names? haha. The More More bag is ¥5,400 including tax and will have 3 items in the bag. One dress and 2 other items. The bag is quite cute. I know I won't use it though since I bought a Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2 years ago in a similar bag and I never used it T_T

Koro Koro Stripe Rose Carry Suitcase


This is the one I bought because it's SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! Yeah, I know I said I didn't need another suitcase but this is a mini one (I might be able to find some use... haha). This one is ¥16,200 with the tax included. It will have coat inside it and 3 other items. I'm a sucker for vintage rose patterns so I was sold the second I saw it haha. I ordered this straight away before the site crash so *phew*!

Koro Koro Stripe Rose Carry Suitcase & More More 3 Way Bag
There is an option where you can get both the Koro Koro suitcase and the More More bag together. I originally was going to get this because I thought it was cheaper, but nope it's the same price lol. Including tax it is ¥21,600.


Luckily I thought about it before I checked out :P I didn't really want the other bag so I just got the Koro Koro Stripe Rose Carry by itself.