Japanese Summer Makeup Tutorial

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Hey everyone!
If you guys haven't seen yet, I uploaded a Japanese summer tutorial on my Youtube!

I was playing around with my DSLR camera, this is the first video I've made filming on my dslr camera so the lighting isn't perfect (that's why my face looks a bit more yellow T_T). I keep up to date with Japanese magazines to find out the latest trends over there, and I found that this makeup look is very popular lately. I also noticed that this look uses eyeshadow colours from a Dolly Wink Eyeshadow palette. Since I don't have the palette, I'm using my 88 palette instead

The video~!

Hope you guys like it and please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! I will be uploading more videos soon

Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Review! Warning: Spoilers

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Everyone is on a Harry Potter frenzy after the last Harry Potter movie came out. I always looked forward to watching the Harry Potter films when it was school/uni holidays so it's so sad that there will be no more movies :( I'm a huge fan of the books, I read books 1-6 literally 15 times each back when I was in highschool haha. I've only read book 7 twice because it came out when I was in my final year of highschool so I didn't have time because of study. Unfortunately when I watched the last two films, I couldn't really remember what had happened, but while watching it memories flashed back and now I want to read all the 7 books again!

Anyway, I watched this movie a few days ago with some friends, just some photos of us being silly at the theatre haha. The review will be after these photos, there will be spoilers so please don't read if you haven't seen the movie yet!

We had dinner before we went to watch Harry Potter. We decided to go to the cinemas at night because it's currently school holidays for people still in school, and we didn't want to watch the movie in a crowded theatre. We went to Jus Burgers for dinner~

After watching the movie we decided to muck around with the big posters haha. Decided to put these photos before the review incase you guys don't want to read the spoilers :P

My friend noticed how Bellatrix looked funny on the big poster hahaha

So we imitated her..

Just playing around and being silly haha

Onto the review!
I have to say overall, I liked this film a lot better than the last 3 films. To be honest, I found movies 5 and 6 really boring. I hated the 5th movie, it was one of my favourite books but the movie killed it in my opinion. I didn't enjoy book 6 as much as the others so I was expecting not to like the movie much either. However, the last movie had so many effects, the acting was great, I loved it! I was expecting to hate the movie, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There were some parts of the movie I really liked.

2. Hermione as Bellatrix haha, that part was so cute
3. Neville haha
4. Ron & Hermione together! They're so cute!
5. They bought back those pixies from the 2nd movie!

Now for my complaints...
1. My biggest complaint is... WHY DID HARRY BREAK THE ELDER WAND AT THE END?!? When I saw that my face was literally like O_O It didn't happen in the book, and it just made the ending even more cheesier.
2. Wish we saw more scenes of when Fred and Lupin dies, it looked too rushed
3. I don't remember Neville and Luna getting together in the book?
4. Wish Hagrid got more scenes
5. The scene with Dumbledore and Harry at Kings Cross, I know that it was like in the book, but when it was going from a dark scene to a really bright scene, my eyes hurt

I still loved the movie regardless. I'm so glad they decided to split it into 2 parts, there would be no way they could make a decent movie if they squished everything together into one.

Oh and also! If you ever want to cosplay Harry Potter, check out this video!
MissPixiLuLu on Youtube did a Harry Potter transformation video, it's awesome!

Holidays update

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Hi everyone!
It's been a while! So sorry for not updating for so long, I've been busy trying to fix my layouts to both my tumblr and also this blog account! But I finally managed to finish them both! What do you think of them?

Anyway! I have a lot of tutorials that I will be uploading in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately due to my timetable this semester I won't be able to film as much as I would like to. I don't have any days off uni (well.. I would get Monday off if I decide to skip my psychology lecture ahaha) whereas last semester I had 2 days off a week. But oh well! That's why lately I've been trying to film as many videos as I can so I can edit them whilst I'm taking breaks from studying.

I haven't been doing anything these holidays to be honest.. however I think I'm going to be using my blog more to just post any random updates/outings I've been having instead of just limiting it to makeup/Japan posts. I've been on holidays for about a month now, I have another 2 weeks of holidays before I go back to uni!

I had some birthday parties for friends! Went to Tony Romas, a restaurant in Perth for some steak! Was for a friend's 22nd birthday~! The food was so good!

Had another birthday the next day, this time we went to Hillary's Boat Harbour, love the view here! We went to Hippocreek, another place that has steak! I already ate at home since we had steak the previous night, and I wanted to save some money T_T I didn't eat anything but the food looks really nice!

We then went to get dessert, I couldn't pass up on this! hehe, cookies and cream pizza! おいしかった!

After food we went around taking photos with the view!

I was working at Supanova Perth as an official photographer with my friend Steven! He came over to Perth for about 4 days, was great to see him again! Sad that we can only see eachother once a year :( For those who are wondering where the professional photos I took at Perth Supanova are - I do have them but I still need more time to edit the photos, really sorry!

I spent a day with Steven when he came to Perth so we decided to go to the South Perth foreshore to take some photos!

Supanova After-party

Me & Steven!

My bf & I with Tiffany Grant and her husband. Tiffany is a voice actress and did the voice for Asuka in Evangalion (I think? :S ) I haven't watched Evangalion yet but my bf likes the anime

And guess who I met?!? Tom Felton! (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter!) Such as nice guy!

I got some really awesome photos of him during his Q&A session at Supanova, will post that up sometime later! I was so happy to see someone from the Harry Potter cast come to Perth! I love the Harry Potter movies and books so was super excited to meet Tom. He is such a nice person in real life! I so can't wait to watch the new HP movie! Haven't had the chance to go yet but I should be watching it on Wednesday hopefully!

Anyway that's it for now! I will try update this blog and my tumblr more often from now on!