18/02/12 ~ 22/02/12 Hong Kong Part 2

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Hey guys!

I'm on a role with blogging lately! From next week onwards I don't have that many shifts at work.. After Christmas it isn't busy anymore which is good in a way. I have been working so much this month that I've just been totally worn out lately. 2014 is coming up so soon though

Today I'm going to blog about my final last few days in Hong Kong! I shopped heaps but I didn't take any photos while shopping. I was taking so many photos in Japan that I just sort of couldn't be bothered anymore haha :( I was in Hong Kong for 1 week and really wanted to go to Macau for a day, but Janelle wasn't 21 yet at the time so we couldn't get into the casinos haha :( I wanted to go to where Boys over Flowers was filmed :P But maybe next time then!

Most of the photos I have here are food photos again, but there are some of cool places I visited in Hong Kong!

I went out a lot with Janelle's family and they took me to a lot of places! Since her uncle was busy working, we went to a restaurant near the place he worked for lunch one day~

Satay Inn!

The food was super good~!

After lunch we went outside the hotel area to look at the view of Hong Kong!

After that we went to a really nice park. I think it was just called "Hong Kong Park"? I'm not too sure

After that we walked to another place to hang out! It was a super pretty place!

They had some really nice spring decorations up!

There was a wedding going on too!

On our second last night in Hong Kong, we went shopping in this mall and they had heaps of chocolate displays!!

The seats are so cute!


On our last day in Hong Kong, Janelle and I went out to do some last minute things. I shopped way too much in both Japan and Hong Kong that my baggage was definietely overweight by heaps. I ended up going to a DHL office to ship back a box of stuff. Surprisingly it was quite cheap! Around $70 and it arrived at my house the day I arrived back in Australia!

For lunch Janelle took me to a cheap Hong Kong chain restaurant!

The food was seriously soooo good!

We had time to kill for the rest of the day so we were just hanging around and waiting until Janelle's cousin finished work so we could go out with the family.

We got really hungry so we decided to eat first at McDonalds lol. We had to keep it quiet from her family incase they got angry at us for eating beforehand :p

We then went to a pet shop!

This little guy was sooooooooo cute I just wanted to take him home with me!!

This dog looks exactly like how Misty did when she was just a puppy!

After we met Janelle's cousin, she took us all to meet with the rest of the family! We then went out to dinner together

This mashed potato was sooo good!

After dinner we just went outside to take a look at the view here

Walking back to go back home~

The next morning we had to wake up early for our flight back to Australia~ Janelle's uncle bought us some cakes before we left for the airport!

I didn't end up taking anymore photos for the rest of the flight cos I was just super tired on the plane hahaha. But I really loved Hong Kong! I really want to go back again soon, can't wait to just go and stuff myself with food again! I was lucky to have Janelle with me since her family took us out so many times and really helped me out with shopping/translating for me! hahaha.