13/02/12 - Tokyo Disney Sea Part 3

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It has been over a month since I've last done a Japan blog post from my trip last year! So many things I want to blog about but such little time to edit photos :(

Today I'm going to blog about part 3 of my Tokyo Disney Sea adventure! This will be the last part hehe. I had to break this blog post up into 3 parts because I took almost 1000 photos that day and I didn't want to post it all in one blog post! T_T

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So picking up from last time, we kept contuing to get to the Little Mermaid's World (Mermaid Lagoon).

The tiny birds they have there are sooo cute!

Joanna wanted to try some of the curry popcorn

Actually tasted really good, and yes tasted like curry!

Got to the mermaid's world!

With some snail.. haha

Joanna got me some icecream!

Souvenier shop!

Not sure what the next area is called, but they have that really scary roller coaster that I refused to ride on haha

Looks like Europe!

We decided to go line up for the Tower of Terror. We had a fast pass for Indiana Jones for 8pm or something like that so we had 2 hours.. except the wait for this ride was around 2 hours! omg T_T It was so cold lining up outside!!

Can you spot me?? haha

After that we ran to Indiana Jones so we wouldn't miss the fireworks

Our photo~

After that ride we RAN towards the mountain area where we can see the fireworks. We made it just in time!!

After the fireworks we decided to do some souvenier shopping at Disney Sea before heading back to our hotel~

We had to take the Mickey Train back to get back to Maihama Station. This train driver guy was cool haha. I was filming and he was waving and being cheeky at the camera haha, so cute!

And final photo of us back on the JR train being all tired haha

And that's it for all my Disney Sea posts! Now I can finally do more Japan blog posts on more interesting things haha. I will try my best to blog more but recently I've been working literally everyday so it's been so hard :( But will do my best!!