Shu Uemura Silk Smooth Eyeshadow Review

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing some eyeshadows that I recently purchased and have been absolutely loving these past few weeks!

Shu Uemura Silk Smooth Eyeshadow Review in White Silver 909 and White Gold 311

I have never tried Shu Uemura eyeshadows before, so I thought I'd give them a try when I was at Narita Airport when I was waiting for my flight to go back to Australia. These two colours stuck out to me, I have always wanted some really shimmery eyeshadows that I can put on top of my eyeshadows to give it more of a "3D" effect.

You need to purchase the eyeshadows and the case separately


I am going to use the gold colour to apply on top of my eyeshadows

This is my eyeshadows that I have already done before

Now applying the Shu Uemura Eyeshadow on top of that

As you can see, it does make the colours pop so much more!

On the other eye~


Now taking the white colour

Applying on the lower lashline



Makes your eyes pop and looks a lot more awake!

- Super shiny! Makes your eyes pop and really gives you a 3 look!
- Very smooth and glides on very easily

- You have to be careful of fallouts

Final look~

Hope you guys liked this review! See you next time!

OOTD: Liz Lisa Winter~

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Hi everyone!

I'm still in Paris and since the internet is super slow here, I can't really upload photos to blog :( But I have prepared blog posts just incase that this would happen haha!

I have another OOTD post for you guys today! I bought this Liz Lisa dress when I was in Japan in winter 2013. The dress was on sale! 2 dresses for around $80 which was a good deal!

Hope you guys liked the photos and see you next time!

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to review one of my favourite mascaras! The Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara!

A lot of people recommended me to try out Fairy Drops mascaras, but I never did because I thought they were all quite expensive. However when I went to Hong Kong, I found that the Fairy Drops mascaras are half the price that they cost in Japan! So I picked up a few different ones~

Packaging is simple but cute!

Lashes without mascara

Applying mascara~ I forgot to take a photo of the brush, but it's one of the best mascara brushes I have used! it is curved which is perfect for reaching for all of your lashes.

As you can see, made a big difference to my lashes! It made them look a lot more longer and a lot more full!

- If you can buy it in HK, it is only around $10 (it's around $20 in Japan)
- Brush is curved so it's super easy to get all your lashes
- Very easy to remove
- Is perfect for a natural look

- Even though lengthening is quite good, it isn't the best

Overall it's one of my favourite mascaras that I use almost daily! it is so easy to remove at the end of the day which is a HUGE plus for me since I don't like spending a lot of time removing my makeup after I finished work. I definitely recommend this mascara to everyone!

Last photos~

You can purchase the mascara here:

Hope you found this post helpful, See you in the next post!


Gyaru Wigs from

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be reviewing a wig that I have received from Himecastle.

Check out their site! and they also have a sister site
They sell heaps of hime and gyaru things that would be perfect for that style including makeup, lenses, wigs etc.

I’ve always loved light brown and blonde hair, but I don’t think I will ever have the courage to dye my hair that colour! Haha. Fortunately I found out that a lot of gyarus actually use wigs a lot! I get bored of my hair quite often because it always looks the same, and I’m not really good at doing different hairstyles :(

So!Himecastle contacted me a while back asking if I was interested to review a product of theirs. I went through their wig section and picked out a wig to review!

I picked this one:

When I first opened it, I was surprised at how soft the wig was! I’ve owned many wigs in the past for cosplay, and none of them have been this soft before. It is also super easy to brush out and doesn’t tangle much at all.

Putting on the wig~

First I had to put on a wig cap. You can make this yourself out of a new pair of stockings or something, or you can get them really cheap on ebay. The wig doesn’t come with one, I got mine a couple of years ago for cosplay. Tie your hair into a bun and put the wig cap on, securing it with some bobbi pins.

You can now put on your wig!

Camwhore session with the wig haha

Overall, I absolutely love this wig! It's a bit longer than what I'd liked it to be, but the quality is great. The softest wig I've ever owned and it is much easier to brush out and doesn't get tangled as easy. I'm always really honest when it comes to my reviews, so when I say that it is good, I really mean it!

Check out both their sites if you guys are interested in more gyaru goods!!

OOTD ~ Sweet Florals

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Hey everyone!

I have another OOTD blog post for you guys today!

I got this dress from Causewaymall 2 years ago. It was sponsored but I love this dress! It's adorable and it is great for everyday wear! I also know that Usamimis were in a long time ago, but they are so cute and fit perfectly well with this outfit!

This dress is actually really short, so when I wear this dress I always wear some shorts with it.

Pairing the dress with some short boots makes this outfit perfect!

Hope you guys liked this post, see you next time!

- Kim