01/02/11 Den Den Town/Umeda 梅田〜

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I haven't updated this blog about Japan in so long! I've been busy with other things with university and JAPSSOC. But anyway, on with the blog post! This blog post is going to be about Den Den Town (Electronic Town) and Umeda in Osaka~!

It was towards the end of our stay in Osaka, and to be honest we just pretty much bummed around most of the time. We went out but we stayed out our hostels a lot which wasted quite a bit of time. Since it was towards the end of our stay in Osaka, Eric and I decided to go to Den Den Town again (equivalent of Tokyo's Akihabara). I decided to buy the whole series of the Sailor Moon manga (the 2004 re-prints). I've always loved Sailor Moon since I was young, and it was a good way to get some Japanese practice as well.

We were staying near Namba so we could just walk to Den Den Town. We started walking there and we saw a camera store with lots of lens!

omg Nikon 600mm f/1.4. That thing is HUGE O_O

More lens!

I wanted to buy the manga at the cheapest price possible. Normally it would be around 400yen for 1 manga volume, but since the manga is old I could probably find it for a cheaper price. Animate was selling them for around 400yen each so I decided to look around more. K-books had a sale on some manga and luckily for me Sailor Moon was included! They were selling the manga for 210yen each which is around $3 a volume! They only had some volumes so I had to buy the rest of them at Animate. Was still quite a bargain, I got the whole series of Sailor Moon for around $50!

While in Den Den Town we decided to go have lunch at McDonalds. I really wanted to try out the Teriyaki burger so I bought the meal

McDonalds in Japan isn't so cheap, it's about the same price as in Australia. To be honest the Teriyaki burger isn't too great (in my opinion, others think it's amazing).

Eric and I walked around Den Den Town a bit more after lunch

Pokemon stuff!

We had to head back to our hostel since we were meeting up with Shoko that night (one of our Japanese friends who studied in Perth last year). The sun was setting so it looked really nice

Back at the hostel...

My manga!!

That night Russell, Eric and I went out to meet Shoko. We went to an Izakaya place to eat

Not sure what they're called but it's just.. salted beans? They're really good!

Peach Calpis drink!

Yodabashi Camera! This shop is HUGE, has about a whole (huge) floor dedicated to laptops/computers, another dedicated to mobile phones, another for toys etc, the top 2 floors are dedicated to fashion! The guys wanted to check out the place so I went straight for the top 2 floors to buy some accessories!

At the end of the night, with Shoko!

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