02/02/11 - Umeda/Shinsaibashi 梅田と心斎橋; 03-02-11 - Tennoji 天王寺

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Time to update about my Japan trip again~! This post is going to be about my last 2 days in Osaka. I didn't take many photos since both of these days just pretty much consisted of us splitting up and going wherever we wanted to go to finish off our shopping in Osaka.

On the 2nd February 2011, I went to Umeda with everyone since we wanted to go back to Yodobashi Camera. I previously bought really cute hats there the night before, but since they were closing we had to leave. I didn't get to explore the whole place so I decided to go back the next day with the others. I found cute black knee boots for 990yen! (That's like $12! SCORE!).

Some photos~

Isn't this cute? Pokeball bento box! (lunch box)

More Bento boxes!

After that, the others wanted to eat lunch in Umeda, but I didn't feel like eating (wasn't feeling too well that day) so I decided to go back to Shinsaibashi by myself. I wanted to go shopping one more time in Shinsaibashi on my own since it would be my last chance to.

Went to Loft to pick up some makeup. This is the famous Japanese brand "Canmake". It's such a good brand, I regret not buying more!

I was walking down random alleyways to find some cool stores (that's how you find all the cheaper stores!) and found this vending machine. Osaka Love!

Yeah, pretty much that day I didn't do much but just shop on my own, then went back to the hostel. I was meant to visit a friend that night but I was too tired to go out so I ended up not doing anything. But anyway! I did buy a really cool jacket!

This photo was taken when I just got back to the hostel.

Anyway! Onto the next day, our last day in Osaka~!

03-02-11 - Tennoji - Last day in Osaka
It was our last day in Osaka so we had to pack our bags since we were leaving that night for Hiroshima.

Last view from our window

In our room

We decided to leave our luggage at the hostel and head off to Tennoji to meet up with our friend for the last time. She wasn't going to meet us until later in the afternoon so we walked around Shinsaibashi for a bit, then caught the subway to Tennoji where we walked around there a bit longer.

I decided to go to Mio (a shopping mall in Tennoji) for the last time.

Self cam photo haha

Up on the highest floor in the Mio shopping mall

Bread in a bakery! It looks so good!

We met up with our friend so we decided to get some icecream. Seriously, in winter some shops in Japan turn their heaters on so high it gets so hot X_X

Green Tea icecream with cornflakes!

Our friend had to go to work later so we said our goodbyes, then went to get dinner. Our friend recommended us to go to this Katsu-don place in Tennoji, so we decided to go.

My meal, it was Katsu-don with cheese. It was really good!

We all finished our food, but Russell wanted to stay back for a second round haha.

We decided to leave Russell there and go to do a bit of shopping.

We then met up with Russell again at the train station, and went back to our hostel to pick up our luggage. From our hostel we had to walk to the JR Namba station to catch our night bus to Hiroshima. We got there about 20 minutes early which was lucky! (When we caught the bus last time from Tokyo to Osaka, we arrived late T_T)

We took the Willer Express bus which was better than the other bus we took I thought.

Our seats had hoods so we can sleep haha

Just before leaving!

But you guys remember my last blog post I wrote about buying Sailor Moon manga and shipping it back? I just received the shipment last week! So all my Sailor Moon manga is safe and sound :) I'm just waiting for my next package now, it has all my shoes and some clothing in there. Hopefully it will come soon! When it comes I'll make another video on all the other clothes/accessories I bought while in Japan! I'm also waiting for my Minnie mouse ears to come since I shipped them back too. Once they do I'll make the Disneyland videos!

Next Japan blog post will be about Hiroshima! Follow my blog to stay tuned!

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Ah, everything looks so nice. And makeup. :3 Do want.

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Found your blog via Soompi. Enjoyed reading about your trip to Japan and looking at your OOTD posts. Looking forward to more posts. Following you now :)