Misa Death Note Cosplay Makeup

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Hi everyone!
A few days ago I uploaded my first cosplay makeup video! Misa from Death Note! For those of you who like anime, you most likely would've heard of Death Note before. Death Note is one of my all time favourite animes!

Here is the makeup look I came up with for Misa! Misa usually dresses in black, but she also has a fun/childish side to her so I decided to add a bit of colour to the eye makeup.

I've had this costume for about 2 years now and have worn it to conventions in the past. Here are photos of me 2 years ago at a convention!

(I don't know who the L cosplayer is, he photobombed my photo hahaha)

My friend cosplayed Light haha

And here are some webcam photos I took after I filmed my video!

Hope you guys liked this look! I have a lot more cosplay tutorials coming up soon!

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