Get Ready With Me ✘ Dinner Party

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Hey everyone!

Last week I uploaded my very first "Get Ready With Me" video on my Youtube Channel! I tried to do something different so hope you guys liked it!

I filmed this tutorial when I was going out with a group of friends a few weeks ago, check out the video below if you haven't seen it yet!

I said I would post some photos of that day so here they are~ I actually didn't take many photos that day. For some reason, lately I've been really lazy with taking photos while going out.

We went to Nobu which is a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Perth at Crown Casino.

Some food pictures~

I had chicken udon, the serving was huge and was actually pretty good!

My cocktail, but can't remember what it's called. Lady something :/

Group photo~

They had pretty Christmas trees set up so I wanted to take a photo with it with my bf hehe.

Because this blog post is quite short and boring, here is a cute picture of my dog to make up for it haha.

I've been working hard lately to try to get more videos up, I'm almost done editing another one so it should be up in about 1-2 days time!

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December 10, 2012 at 3:35 AM delete

I am a vegetarian ,but the food looks delicious :)

December 11, 2012 at 5:15 AM delete

Yuuuummmy!! <3 And your dog is so cute!