24/01/12 - Tennoji/Hirakata

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Hey guys!
I'm finally back in Australia after a month! I've had so much fun on my trip and experienced lots of new things! So sorry it's been SOO long since I last blogged, I was quite busy while I was overseas so didn't get the chance to like I hoped for .__. I've taken lots of photos while I was in Japan and Hong Kong so hopefully my blogs will be a lot more interesting than last year's posts ^_^

Anyway! This post is going to be about my second day in Japan in 2012. The day before we were meant to go to my friend's host family's place for dinner but because we ran into some unexpected delays at the airport, we had to cancel and move the dinner to this night instead.

I wanted to go shopping during the day because I didn't pack any clothes with me at all, the only clothes I had were the ones I wore to the airport haha. I wanted to go to Tennoji since I knew that there's a Liz Lisa store there. All you guys probably know already, but for those who don't, Liz Lisa is my favourite clothing brand!

Look of the day ~ I was still quite tired

Every morning I go to the vending machines to buy my coffee

What I love about those machines is that the coffee is actually really hot when it comes out.

Every morning we walk by a Taiyaki store, I mentioned them in my last blog post, I met them last year on my trip to Japan, came back this year and they still remembered me! I'll do a separate blog and a vlog on them later, but they gave us some snacks when we walked past!

美味しかったですよ! ありがとう松居ママとパパ!♡ 後で松居ママとパパの店を紹介します!

They sell the BEST Taiyaki I've ever had!

We took the train to go to Tennoji

Mikuni Hankyu station

Hankyu train

We had to transfer at Umeda Station. We could've walked to Higashi-Mikuni station instead so we won't need to transfer but it takes longer and we won't be able to walk by Matsui Mama and Papa's store

Saw a kangaroo painting so took a photo of it, this is at 動物園前 station which the zoo is close to I assume.

First stop is to one of my favourite shopping malls in Osaka! Mio! This place really reminds me of Shibuya 109

Ended up buying some Liz Lisa clothing in there! I didn't take any photos inside this time but I do remember vlogging in there so I'll try edit the videos soon!

We met up with some friends later and had lunch, we went to Saizeriya, an Italian restaurant in Japan. It's really cheap and the food is pretty good!

After lunch I went to do a bit more shopping with Janelle

Sanrio x One Piece! so cute!

We had to go back to the hostel earlier so we could shower and get ready for dinner since we planned to go to my friend's host family's place.

My Liz Lisa purchases for the day:

We then headed out to meet our friend Shane to have dinner with his host family. I had dinner with them last year which I blogged about here if you guys are interested to read it:


They live in Hirakata which is about 40 minutes away from where we were staying. They made so much food for us!

First up.. Oden!




SO much food!

After dinner they even gave us more snacks

Pictures with their family!

The dog is soooo cute!

We then had to catch the train back home since it was getting late

The good thing about trains in Osaka is that there are carriages just for women. I think it's a good idea, especially at night time.

That's all for this post! I'm so sorry again for not blogging in a while! I'd like to thank everyone who still supported my blog and youtube ♡ I'll try my best to update more frequently and to make more videos!

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Japanese people seems so polite! Carriages for women only, that sounds cool! I really need to go to Japan.. (❂◡❂)

March 8, 2012 at 11:58 AM delete

I wish i could go to japan, somedayEvery time you post food pics, i end up hungry :( (it's almost 23:00 so i really shouldn't be eating...) i'm excited for the clothes though... I noticed on the Saizeriya website that they post calorie counts on the menu items, which is pretty cool. they don't do that much here... if they made women only cars where i'm from, people would cry misandry... but yeah i'm totally excited about the clothes... :)