Liz Lisa Giveaway Winners!

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Hey everyone!

As most of you know I was swamped with assignments the past few weeks so I've been super busy T_T

Anyway, I just spent a few hours going through all your videos! It was so hard to just pick one winner for the video contest, thank-you to all that have joined, your videos are all really good! I narrowed it down to my two favourite contestants, and spent about an hour replaying both of your videos to try decide the winner T_T It was really hard to choose!

In the end, the winner I chose was...


I love how you put the video together, also loved how you also showed others that you can dress Liz Lisa style without buying them! Also liked how you explained your outfit throughly!

Runner ups for the contest are

Bo Ba!

Because I also loved both of your videos, I also want to send you guys a small gift ^_^

I really wish I can give something to everyone! Thank-you SO much to everyone for entering the video giveaway, I had so much fun watching all your videos! I wanted to give people who don't own any Liz Lisa clothes a chance to win, but I really did enjoy everyone's videos!

Now for the comment winner..

Because most people posted similar things, I decided to draw this randomly. I had 600+ with 2 pages on Youtube so first I did a test to choose which page number to choose from~

Page 1 it is then~

I just copied and pasted the whole page into a fruit machine and randomly generated the winner!

I copied and pasted that reply to find out who posted it~

Congratulations to jxxysky!

Thank-you so much again to everyone for entering! I will be messaging the winners through Youtube so please have your messaged enabled!

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congrats to the winners! i really liked YeoDongSaeng's third outfit :). I also liked LolitaCosplayTwist's punk shirt, actually. I don't think I've ever owned anything like that. Bo Ba has a really cute sense of style; I can't decide what I liked best there. You really got a lot of entries, lol.