09/07/13 - Summertime in Japan!

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Hey guys!

It feels a long time since I last blogged.. It really sucks cos last month I was doing so well with keeping up with blogging but this month has been so crazy busy I just don't have time to do anything anymore :( I have a lot of half written up blog posts that I will try finish and will make them public in the next coming days to make my blog not look so... dead haha.

Since I graduated last month I was offered a new job pretty much straight away, so I have been extremely lucky. However it also means that it is less time for me to film and edit videos! :( I still try my best to put out at least a video a week but it is really hard :( I have so many videos that I want to upload but there isn't enough time!!!

Anyway! If you guys haven't seen yet, I uploaded a new Japan vlog last week! When I went to Los Angeles back in July to work with Liz Lisa, they let me stay a night in Tokyo! My flight wasn't until night time the next day so I hung out with Mimei for the day in Shibuya and Harajuku!

I actually don't eat sushi much when I go to Japan. I don't like seafood and... well the majority of sushi is seafood lol. However it was super hot that day and Mimei took me to this sushi restaurant that she recommended! It's super cheap, everything was 105yen each! Since Mimei is vegetarian we didn't order any fish, but ordered stuff like egg (I did anyway), corn & eggplant!

I didn't take many photos while I went to Japan, it was so hot that I really... well.. couldn't be bothered lol. But here are some that I did take!

I flew from LA in the afternoon and got to Tokyo that night.

I managed to get a seat on the upper deck! It was my first time to go in the upperdeck on the Airbus A380!
To be honest, it had a lot more space and you even had space to leave stuff in the little compartment on the side. However... too much space for me LOL. I know this sounds weird, but I rather if I could just lean on the window seat to sleep during my flights.
Landed in Tokyo!

I took the train to Shibuya~ I was meeting with my friend to catch up that night

Unfortunately I didn't get to Shibuya until around 10pm and it was really hot so we couldn't be bothered finding a restaurant to eat at, so we went to a random bar.

After dinner I went back to my hotel that Liz Lisa booked for me~ I really liked this one!
It's small but really convenient location and is really nice inside!

The next day Mimei met me at my hotel and we just talked to catch up! I didn't take many photos during the day cos I was busy vlogging instead xD

We went to get some lunch at a really cheap sushi restaurant like in the video!
Cost like $5 for lunch! haha

Mimei went with me when I went a bit crazy shopping haha, I only had 1 day in Tokyo so just went crazy xD

We went to take purikura too!

I then went back to my hotel to pack my luggage (well, pretty much involved me throwing all my clothes in there haha). Also went there to remove all my makeup (I really hate flying with makeup on). Then I took the taxi to another hotel to catch the bus to Narita airport~
Last photo with Mimei~

On the bus ride back to Narita I took more photos~

The annoying thing about taking this flight back to Australia was that.. I had to wakt 7 hours at Singapore :( And I got there around 3am or so, which meant that a lot of shops were closed :(

Flying back to Australia now!

And that's it! Sorry if this Japan post is kinda... boring hahaha. I do have a lot more Japan posts to do, just need to find time to do them! T__T Will try use my time I have off work well though to make lots of blog posts and videos!

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I love your Japan photos. I hope you will do more soon. :-) Also, I sent you an e-mail at the e-mail address you have on the right side bar. It was an inquiry about a business opportunity. I hope that's the right e-mail and that you received my message. http://pika-steph.blogspot.com/

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Ohhh sounds so cool!
I saw your latest video about Japan and I felt inspired ;;___;; <3 I'm currently studding Chinese (I's soo cool and fun *-* I'm enjoying it a lot!) and I'm seriously thinking about applying myself to do their Summer Camp (usually students spend two weeks in Beijing where we learn more Chinese language and Culture). I think it's a truly amazing experience. After China (although I want to visit Macau first because of Historical link to Portugal) , maybe I can get to Japan :3

Thank you very much!!Please take care, have a nice day!*


Honey Tan
October 22, 2013 at 1:39 AM delete

What kind of pizza is that? Looks interesting.