Ask Kim #3 Japan, Learning Japanese, Relationships & Gyaru Fashion

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Hi everyone!

It's been so long since I've done a "Ask Kim" blog post.. I hate using this excuse but work has been busy so I haven't had time to blog or edit many videos lately :( But gotta make money :( Anyway, I wanted to do another Ask Kim blog post because a lot of people have been sending me questions and I feel really bad that I haven't gotten back to a lot of people.. if you want to send me questions please send an email to:

I will eventually get to answering all the questions!

Hello! :D 
I absolutely adore your videos! Your fashion sense is amazing and I love watching the videos about/in Japan! You are such an inspiration to me so thank you so much :) My question is; "What do you recommend for starting off with Gyaru fashion? What are the essential items/brands/make up etc?" :)
I hope it's okay that I ask another question! "How are you learning Japanese and what do you recommend for learning; books/dramas/films? :)"
Thank you again!
Thank-you so much! To be honest I don't follow the gyaru community, I don't like how people say you must wear circle lenses, big fake lashes, have blonde hair to be gyaru. Gyaru is a lifestyle where you can enjoy dressing up and having fun with your friends. But for makeup I would definitely recommend Dolly Wink products to start out! For Gyaru fashion.. I always wear Liz Lisa but you can also find alternatives. I love wearing a brand called Forever New which is an Australia brand. You can find pieces in F21 that are also similar to Liz Lisa but a bit more toned down.

I learnt Japanese while studying at University, I don't study it anymore but I do watch some dramas. My favourite dramas are:
Hana Yori Dango
Attention Please
Bloody Monday
Buzzer Beat
Ikemen Desu Ne
Liar Game
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Nodame Cantabile
Zettai Kareshi

Hi Kim,
My name is Dawn, I live in the UK and would love to know what your advice would beto someone who is interested in learning Japanese and if you could recommend any onlineresources or apps maybe please? I understand it is probably a difficult question to give one answer to but any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Id like to say I'm really impressed by all of your YouTube videos and being seriously ill this last year I've really enjoyed spending time watching them.

Kindest regards,Dawn xx 

Hi Dawn! One source I really found useful was Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese. I used it  a lot while I was studying Japanese:

I actually don't know too many online resources to learn Japanese since I never used them, but if I do find good ones I definitely will make a blog post on it!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed watching my videos, it makes me really happy! I hope to make a lot more videos for you guys ^^

Hey Kim!
How tall are you? I like Liz Lisa too but its clothes are often too small for me:( I'm 5'9"...What's your nationality?How many languages do you speak?How often do you visit Japan?Could you explain how you learned Japanese?
 Hi Lei!

How tall are you?
I'm actually really short, I'm only 5"2

What's your nationality?
I'm Australian

How many languages do you speak?
English and Japanese are my main languages. I can speak a TINY bit of Vietnamese.. I actually understand Vietnamese very well but I just can't speak it (I speak in a very weird Aussie accent that no-one can understand lol)

How often do you visit Japan?
Usually 1-2 times a year

Could you explain how you learned Japanese?
I studied it as my major at university

Hi Kim!

My name is Paula and I've been subscribed to you for quite a while! I think you're so pretty and stylish and I love all of your creative videos! :)
I have some questions for you if you don't mind! (I've always been really interested in Japan and I plan on going this summer to model there!)
  1. Are you planning on moving to Japan soon (if you aren't already)?
  1. How are you so fluent in Japanese?
  1. Where's the best area in Tokyo for really cute things at cheap prices?
  1. What is your favorite restaraunt/food in that you can find in Tokyo?

...And I also have some random unrelated questions about YouTube and video making:
  1. Where do you get your fonts for your thumbnails?
  1. How do you do the blurry title screen at the beginning of your videos (and what is that font called that you usually use there)?
  1. How much money have you been making with your videos (you don't have to answer this one in a video, I'm just wondering the profit range, if you don't mind)?
  1. How long did it take you to become a partner?

Sorry for bombarding you with all of these questions! I just want to let you know that you're one of my favorite YouTubers, and please keep making more adorable videos! <3 blockquote="">
Are you planning on moving to Japan soon (if you aren't already)?
I was thinking about it.. I have had some job offers but I made the decision to not move in the end. Low pay and hard working conditions. I'd rather earn money in Australia and then travel to Japan instead.

How are you so fluent in Japanese?
I wouldn't say I'm fluent, I'm far from it. I can hold a casual conversation in Japanese... and I guess just speak casual Japanese?

Where's the best area in Tokyo for really cute things at cheap prices?
Harajuku! Definitely go to Takeshita Dori

What is your favorite restaraunt/food in that you can find in Tokyo?
For food... if you want good sushi that is quite cheap, there is a sushi store in Shibuya Mark City on floor 6 I think. There is always a line so you won't miss it, and it has the best sushi!

Where do you get your fonts for your thumbnails?
I got them a very long time ago so I don't really remember, sorry! I used to play around with photoshop since I was 13 so I've had them since then :(

How do you do the blurry title screen at the beginning of your videos (and what is that font called that you usually use there)?
The blurry title screen is done by iMovie, so it's just the default font

How much money have you been making with your videos (you don't have to answer this one in a video, I'm just wondering the profit range, if you don't mind)?
I'm actually not allowed to talk about how much I earn on Youtube, they don't like that :(

How long did it take you to become a partner?
I think it took 3 months for me, but these days it's very easy to become a Youtube Partner

キムさん、こんにちは!私のYoutubeの名前はHerroKerushiiですね。I just started watching your videos a few months ago and i love your style! Youtubeのビデオを見た後で、質問がある。^^ when you wear your gyaru liz lisa style clothes when you are not in japan, do you get stared at because not many people wear those kind of clothes? what made you so confident in your style? *_* I am always scared of what others think about my fashion style so i end up not wearing anything abnormal.
ありがとうございます!o(^▽^)oLove from Hawaii!! ^___^
 こんにちは!! Not really. I always wear Liz Lisa clothes (when I'm not working) and I don't feel like I get stared at all. Or maybe I'm just oblivious to these things? haha. Even if people did stare I wouldn't really care. I absolutely love the Liz Lisa style so whenever I wear it, I just feel confident. A few people have stopped me to ask where I got some of my clothing items from but I've never had any bad experiences ^^

Hi Kim I really want to know how you stay healthy and fit? I am a teenager and so it's really hard for me to be in shape,please give me some of your advice.Thanks I'm for ward to it :)
I used to be really unhealthy and lazy and only started exercising a few months ago. I go for jogs with friends twice a week, and lately have been trying to do some sit ups to lose belly fat. I'll try do a fitness routine sometime! :)

Dear Kim Dao,
I am an indian girl that loves japanese things! I was wondering if you could tell me what Japan is like and if you think I would get along with the people there. I always fear that they will treat me badly because of my skin color but I don't believe thats true. Hope you will answer <3 blockquote="" nbsp="">
I'm sure you will get along with people there! Of course every country have assholes who are discriminative against different races, but the majority of people these days won't care where you're from. I have a lot of friends from all sorts of ethnicities and all of them have had a great time in Japan so I'm sure you will be fine! Especially in Tokyo, you see so many foreign people there now!

Hey Kim! 
I wanted to know,
1) what is the best food you can find in Japan ?
And what are your favorites Japanese meals ?
2) What do girls normally wear in summer in Japan ? I'm going there soon and I want to know what's appropriate to wear in summer. :)
Thank you ^^  

Depends on what food you want to eat. My favourite place is probably Saizeriya which is an Italian place.. but that's just because I love Italian food :P My favourite Japanese meals... probably would have to be Gyoza!

In summer it's super humid. I usually just wear a dress that is short. I don't deal very well with the heat. I see girls in Japan wearing jeans/jackets in summer and I don't know how they survive!

hi. i am Şule from Turkey :) i really love your videos. and i really like everything about Asia.. :) 
my question is ... Do you know anything about Turkey? Can you came Turkey in future .?
i reallly want to meet you :)

sorry if i have wrong about english. i still learn english school . high school is hard :( 

Hi! Thank-you so much! I don't really know much about Turkey :( But I want to go in the future, I love travelling around the world!

And your English is fine! Goodluck with school! ^^

~Was it hard to learn Japanese? Did you learn by just picking it up as you went to Japan or did you use a program to learn how?I LOVE YOU KIM!!!! ^/////__\\\\\^ 
It was hard at the start but it got easier. I learnt it by studying it as a major at university ^^

Dear Kim,
My questions are listed as follows:
How long have you been learning Japanese? I always forget new words after learning them, do you have any tricks to memorize them?
What is the color of your hair, it's really pretty! And could you please recommend some hair-dye products?

That's all! So I hope you could answer my questions, and let's be friends! :)
Hi Maggie!
I learnt Japanese for  3 years. I memorize them by trying to make sentences using the words, so I just sort of... memorize it like that? 

I usually use Palty Hair Dye in "Milk Tea" for my hair ^^ I might do a video later on my hair!!

What made you want to study in Japan and learn the Japanese language?』
Since I'm Japanese, I love Japan too, but I was wondering what you like about my country!
I think it's amazing you love Japan and it makes me so happy that you want to study Japanese!

xoxoAlways a fan,りおより
メールをしてくれてありがとうございました! うれしいですよ!! これから日本語がんばります!!

I wanted to study Japanese ever since I was in highschool. I started watching anime and listening to J-pop, and I was always so jealous of people who could speak Japanese. I also thought writing Japanese was just so cool as well haha. When I was 14 I tried teaching myself Japanese but gave up in 2 weeks. When I got to university I had a friend who studied Japanese. I was so jealous that she could read/write Japanese and also speak it. She told me to do Japanese with her but I couldn't because she was in a higher class and I've never done Japanese before. In the end I enrolled in Japanese the next semester and I absolutely loved it! 

I have always dreamed about living in japan... im a mexican citizen but i live in USA. Is there any way that I can go to Japan to live there and work there legally??? And if so, What do I have to do???  I do not have a career or anything like that I just graduated High School 3 years ago and since then I've been working. And I don't have any japanese relatives that could help me. HELP!!!!
I don't really know much about working in Japan, but try check out gaijinpot? They have some jobs listed on there you can apply for. I think most jobs require at least a university degree though so maybe you should try looking to go to college first? It isn't too hard to find a job in Japan as an English teacher.

Hi Kim!
I want to ask, how can you get a long healthy relationship?
Trust, communication and respect is what I call a healthy relationship. To get one.. it's all about finding the right person for you. A relationship works 2 ways and both parties need to put in effort for it to work. (not bragging or anything) but I think my relationship with my boyfriend is very healthy and has been going well for over 3 years now. We never fight (of course we have our occasional disagreements but we talk it out straight away to avoid it getting into a fight), I'm never worried whenever he goes out to a club with his mates because I trust him 100% and we communicate a lot to eachother so nothing goes wrong. We never hide things from eachother as well so it never gets to the point where I find out something he did that would make me lose my trust.

Hey kim!
Where did you buy your iphone case? I saw it in your boyfriend tag video and i love it ❤
Love from germany 

I got it in Japan in a store called "Tokyu Hands"

Hi Kim. I am a huge fun about ur videoed u can call me Vicky.
I am trying to lose weight do u have any quick methods to keep fit? Cuz u are so slim:))
Oh I also wanna know how to learn Japanese cuz I am trying to teach myself at home:))
Support u forever.

Hi Vicky! I love going for runs with my friends, it's really fun! I've always been slim but recently I have been gaining a lot of weight through my excessive eating hahaha. I will do a fitness routine a bit later but definitely try going for group jogs, they are really fun!

Hey Kim~ I was wondering if high school relationships ever last and how to help it last. My bf and I have been dating for a year and a half now. I know that things change once college comes but it doesn't hurt to hope for the best ^^. We do argue but make up the day of; it's our promise. And no matter how angry we are at each other, we just can't stay mad because love conquers all :3 I'm just worried that in college we may end. He wants to major in music and I want to major in med. we're most likely going to different colleges. Is there anyway to help a relationship last and do high school relationships last? 

Hi Vicky! They definitely can last but to be very honest, it is rare for them to. However if you love eachother enough and if your relationship is strong and healthy, it can definitely work out. Even if you go to different colleges it doesn't matter! When I was in highschool I had a bf back then, didn't work out but we were together for 4 years. I broke up with him 3 years into college because it just wasn't working out. Lost communication, no trust, no love, lost interest etc. We went to different colleges and it did work for the first 2 years of college for us. My current bf goes to the same university as I did, but I already graduated (he has another year to go, law degree takes longer). I work now and he is still studying so we don't get to see eachother much, but because we have a strong and healthy relationship, even if I don't talk to him for a few days I still know that he is still always there for me. Keep your communication strong, don't hide things from eachother and try to put at least a day aside to spend with your bf and I'm sure it will last!

Hi Hi *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
So I have a question for you~
In Japan, is everyone impressed that you know English or that your a 'westener' to them? Also, when you bring items from Austrailia do they also get amazed? In my family when we go to Asia to visit our relatives we always bring them gifts from America because they love Westernized items.
2nd Question~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I was wondering if your parents are like traditional Vietnamese parents and if you were raised in Vietnamese customs~ There aren't many Vietnamese people from where I am so meeting someone from my culture makes me happy ^^
3rd and last question~(^O^☆♪
When you got into your first relationship, did you tell your parents right away or did you not mention it until it got more serious?~ I'm in one currently but haven't told my parents yet because they are very overprotective and think boys are evil at my age LOL.
Thank You Kim (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Hi! A lot of people were actually jealous that I could understand both English and Japanese haha. A lot of Japanese people say to me that they wish they could speak more English but after highschool they stopped studying. I always give heaps of chocolate from Australia when I go to Japan since the ones in Australia taste better to them haha.

Yeah my parents did *try* to raise me the traditional Vietnamese way... but I kind of rebelled a lot because there were a lot of things I didn't agree with (being too strict, no boyfriend until after college etc) hahaha.

I didn't mention anything to my parents when I got into my first relationship.. they found out accidentally  so I was forced to tell them in the end LOL. My parents accepted it because they knew if they made me break up it would probably affect my studies.

Hi Kim!
I have a friend, who I want to ask a question on behalf of.
I don't know how your going to film the videos but can you not meantion my username/email for the first or they will know. Just in case!! Thank you!!
Here's my question;
What do you think of 'older' gyaru? Do you think there's an age limit of wearing certain things, like... Liz Lisa or Hime and such?
I obviously know you shouldn't care about what others think but I feel like my friend does...
What's your advice and thoughts on the matter?!
Secondly, do you follow a lot of Gyaru bloggers? Who do you like the most?! And what do you think of the Gyaru community!?
Thank you Kim!

I still love Liz Lisa but I feel that now... I'm starting to move away from the really "cutesy" outfits. I still love Liz Lisa but now that I'm getting older, I definitely feel "too old" to wear some outfits haha. I still would wear Liz Lisa but probably just mix it with some older style looking clothes to make it not look so "cutesy". It's really up to you what you like though! No-one has told me that I should try to stop dressing like the way I do, but I just find that as I grow older my taste in clothes changes.

I don't really follow any Gyaru bloggers :( I don't really call myself Gyaru haha, I love the fashion but I'm definitely not Gyaru. I used to read up a lot about the Gyaru community and I find that these days, there is a lot of bitching going on so I just stayed right away from it (no online drama for me please!!) hahaha.

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