Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Foundation Review

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Foundation! I bought this item at a Target in Australia for the Drugstore Prom Makeup tutorial.

Now I know I've said this many times, but Western drugstore makeup is so damn expensive in Australia. That's why I never use it because usually it doesn't suit my skin, and I can find Asian cosmetics online for cheaper. Or I can also buy highend cosmetics online for cheaper. Anyway, I bought this foundation because I really wanted to film a drugstore video for my subbies who were having their proms soon, so I picked this up.


I've used Revlon foundations before, I used to swear by the Revlon Colorstay foundation in the past. However I found that if I used the Revlon Colorstay foundation everyday for about a week, my skin would start to turn red and would break out. So I would use my foundation for about a week, stop for about 2 days and keep going with the cycle. Not the best way to treat your skin. (This was before I went to Japan and discovered Japanese makeup).

Anyway, I have used many Western drugstore foundations before from Maybelline, Rimmel, Covergirl etc.. None of them really suited me because of my Asian skintone. However, Revlon is one of the only foundations that did, so I decided to give Revlon another try~


Shake well before you use

Be extra careful when you are pumping it out, because it's super easy to pump out way too much

It pumps out like a mousse, but when you touch it, you can just blend it into your skin

I find it works best if you apply with a stippling brush

Left side - foundation, right side- nothing

As you can see, it is quite natural and it does even out my skintone perfectly!

Full face (excuse the derpyness)

Final Verdict:
Overall I actually really like this foundation. I haven't worn this foundation everyday so I can't judge whether or not it will break me out, but wearing it for a full day doesn't. I've been trying to wear makeup less and less lately to let my skin breathe.

- Very natural, great for everyday wear
- It looks great in photos and in videos too!

- Expensive in Australia (cost me around $35 for it)
- The packaging is a bit hard to use.. it's really easy to pump out too much foundation

You can purchase the foundation below:

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Mini Kirby Nail Art
August 25, 2014 at 12:31 AM delete

Looks great but I prefer to wear a BBcream because my skin is oily but the mousse make me curious about the product!

August 25, 2014 at 9:49 PM delete

I really like the foundation on you, looking flawless.

August 31, 2014 at 7:27 PM delete

Totally agree with price of buying make up in drug store Australia! If it wasn't discount, I wouldn't want to purchase it!

Emi Doll (恵美)
September 9, 2014 at 7:51 PM delete

Expensive but makes you look flawless ^^

恵美より ♥