Back to School Outfit Ideas 2015

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It's almost back to school time for those starting school again after the summer holidays, so I decided to do a Back to School lookbook to give you guys ideas!

Usually I dress fully decked out in Liz Lisa, but lately my style has changed a bit. I still love the cute Japanese fashion but I have been mixing it up with other things such as jeans! I think this mix is perfect for school!

If you guys haven't seen the video yet, here it is:

The outfits:

Outfit 1:

Blouse: Taobao
Cardigan: Taobao
Pants: Valley Girl

Absolutely LOVE this outfit! The blouse and cardigan I got recently on Taobao. They are replicas from the Sailor Moon TRALALA collaboration! I paired it with a pair of black jeans which go really well together! The full Sailor Moon outfit is really cute but maybe a bit too cute to wear out to school haha.

If you guys haven't seen my Taobao Haul yet, here it is:

Outfit 2:

This is more of a "mature" outfit. I love the top I got from Chicabooti, it goes well with so many outfits! I'm in love with jeggings lately since they are so comfortable!

Top: Chicabooti
Blazer: Forever New
Jeggings: Cotton On

Outfit 3:

I also got this one piece outfit from my latest Taobao Haul. I wish that they weren't attached, I might just try to deattach them later haha. I absolutely LOVE the top, but not too fond of the skirt!

One Piece: Taobao

Outfit 4:

Very casual outfit! I would wear these on lazy days

Top: Tempt
Shorts: Wholesale Dress

Outfit 5:

Now we are back to the cute Japanese fashion! I LOVE this top from Liz Lisa. It has musical notes on it, when I saw it the first time I knew I had to have it.

Blouse: Liz Lisa
Skort: INGNI

Outfit 6:

Last outfit! I actually really like this one! I love the Liz Lisa top, it goes well with so many things! I decided to pair them with a pair of jeans from Regalect Japan, and a jacket from Liz Lisa!

Blouse: Liz Lisa
Jacket: Liz Lisa
Jeans: Regalect

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Panty Buns
August 13, 2017 at 10:37 AM delete

All of these outfits are very attractive. My favourite outfit from amongst them is outfit number 5 - I love that Liz Lisa blouse! I enjoyed watching your "Back to School FASHION | LOOKBOOK 2015" on YouTube (I just subscribed). :D

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