INGNI Lucky Bag 2016 Fukubukuro イング福袋2016年

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Hi everyone!

Today I am going to reveal what is inside the INGNI Fukubukuro 2016 bag!

Fukubukuro is a "lucky bag" in Japan which you can buy in the new years, I went to Shibuya109 to get my bags this morning!

I decided to get the INGNI bag since I really love the brand INGNI, it's casual but also cute at the same time!


The bag was 10,000yen and 13 items inside.

First item is this coat! The quality is not too bad, but I think that usually for fukubukuros, the quality isn't too great.

This is a nice cardigan! I don't have anything like this so I'm glad I got something!

Floral skirt~ It's a bit longer to a skirt that I would usually wear but I may find a use for it later ~ haha

Stripy top! It's really nice and I like it!

Knitted dress, I LOVELOVELOVE this!! I thought it was a sweater but when I opened it, I was very surprised, I like it so much!!!

Navy sweater! It also comes with a fake shirt collar inside. I really like this! I don't have anything like this and I was going to buy one like this the other day so lucky I didn't!!

Really simple sweater, I really like this one, easy to pair up with things!

Khaki oversized sweater. Really love this, it's super comfortable!!

Long sleeve printed shirt. I think this a bit strange for me and probably won't wear this out LOL.

Printed T-shirt. I usually don't wear T-shirts with prints but I don't mind this one so much~

Cute pair of socks!

Jeggings! I really love these. Super comfortable! Only thing is that this is a one size lucky bag which means you can't choose the size. It is a little loose on me but it's not too bad. These were a size 38 I think!

Tote bag! The quality is actually really nice for this, I will use it when I carry around heavy items~

Overall I'm really happy with this bag! there were SO many items in here! Even though there were some items I wouldn't really wear, most of the bag was really good so I'm happy with it!

Watch the unboxing video here:

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Hello, I love your he second option with a nice cardigan! OMG I want this cardigan!

July 7, 2016 at 6:04 AM delete

Certainly better than Allamanda's fukubukuro! :)