1000 subscribers!

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Hey guys!

I just reached 1000 subscribers today so I just want to write this blog post to thank everyone who has supported me! I honestly wasn't expecting to reach 1000 that fast, I've only been active for less than 3 months so I'm really happy that there are people supporting me! I hope that I can keep making more videos in the future for you guys!

hehe, glad I was awake to take this screencap ^-^

Unfortunately I've been a bit sick lately.. It is moving onto winter in Australia and this is the time that I usually get sick really easily. I have exams coming up soon as well so unfortunately I won't have time to film many videos for a while.. I got a lot of lectures to catch up on and lots of study to get done :( I have filmed quite a few videos that still need editing so will perhaps edit and upload when I'm taking time off studying!

For business inqiries, please contact me at kimdao90@gmail.com


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aww :'( get well soon hun! and again congrats on your 1000 sub! <3 <3

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Congrats on hitting 1000!! I hope you feel better soooon! <3

Ack, I thought I commented on your last post!! ><;;

Waaa, I SO badly want to try Canmake products! They're so expensive to import though... *sigh* Guess I'll have to wait until I save money for a trip to Japan heehee. :D

I SO badly want that Limited Edition Dolly Wink set!! I'm gonna try to look for it at Mitsuwa again today, but I highly doubt it will be there </3 Such an amazing deal too... @___@;; Let me know how you like it!!