08/02/11 - Shizuoka Museum of Art

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Hey guys!
I'm in the mood to blog but it's just probably because I really don't want to do my essay so I'm finding another distraction haha. So I thought I'd make another post about Japan. This post will be about my second day in a Japanese highschool. I didn't really stay in school for long on this day since the teachers were going to take us out to the Shizuoka museum. However I did attend a few classes that morning before going to the Shizuoka museum.

I woke up at 5.30 as usual and arrived at school at 7.30am.

Chiho with someone's Pikachu blanket, so cute!

Their sports field

A hallway

Shizuoka gakuen is still in the process of building a new campus so next year they will be moving from this campus.

I was introduced to my two class buddies that morning and then was taken to their classroom where I will spend my classes. The teacher asked me to do a 紹介 (shoukai, introduction) to the class. Every morning it seems in the homeroom class they have a test on different subjects. The first day was an English test so they let me try it out. The first class was a maths class so the teacher attempted to teach in English which was quite funny since the whole class was complaining that they couldn't understand haha. The next class was history so they had to listen to Martin Luther King's speech and then try get the idea of the speech. It was quite interesting sitting in on all the classes. I sat in 2 classes and then the teachers took the exchange students to go to the Shizuoka museum.

We were able to get free entry to go into the art museum since we were students. (Travel tip: Bring your student cards around if you're going to Japan, you never know when you can use them for discounts! Even if it's an overseas student card). We weren't allowed to take photos in the art exhibition area so there's nothing much to show. Honestly I'm not really interested in paintings and that so I quickly walked through the exhibition. I then used some of my time to try read the descriptions of the paintings (which were all in Japanese) but I got bored pretty fast. If you do have an interest in art/painting however then definitely give this place a visit.

The Shizuoka Museum of Art also had the Rodin statues but we decided to have lunch first at the restaurant there. I ordered a chicken curry

We then went to the area where they had the Rodin statues on display. We were allowed to take photos in here so I took a few.

Funny photo of a friend... but we were given these huge telephone looking things where you put in a number of the statue and it will explain to you what the statues are about. You can get them in both Japanese and English

"The Thinker"

I think this one is called "Gates of Hell"

But yeah that's about it for our trip to the Shizuoka Museum of Art. Wasn't really anything that interesting to be honest but I'm sure there are many others who would like it. I went back to the school where I met up with Chiho again. We went back to Shizuoka station where we met up with Eric who was staying in Nagoya on his own. He was going to hang out with us for a few hours so we decided to walk around Shizuoka and do some shopping!

Shibuya 109 "Dreams"! aka Shizuoka 109. This shopping mall has exactly the same shops as Shibuya 109

Blueberry Crepes!

So while shopping we ran into Annie and her host student so we decided to all hang out together and go karaoke!

Me and Chiho ♡ Karaoke in Japan is really cheap! For an hour it was only about $3 a person whereas in Australia it's close to $10 an hour per person T_T Also the songs are always updated in Japan!

After we went to get some dinner at a restaurant near the Shizuoka station. Chiho recommended us to try omlette rice which was so nice! I've always wanted to try it after watching the drama Zettai Kareshi hehe.

So that's it for my second day in a Japanese highschool. My next post will be more about the Japanese highschool life since I spent the whole day at the school. I'll talk to you guys then! If you guys haven't done so already, like my new facebook page for updates on the left hand side bar of my blog!

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The omurice and the crepe! :O So yummy. Anyway, Saw you on soompi! <3 Comment me if you want to be blog friends! ^^