My 21st Birthday Presents ~

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First of all I want to say thank-you everyone for your birthday wishes! I was surprised to log onto facebook with 200+ messages haha. Also a big thank-you to those who came to my party last night! I'm sorry I was late to my own party LOL

This is just going to be a post to say thank-you to my friends for giving me such awesome birthday presents! haha. The proper birthday party post will come a bit after when I'm not busy and have collected enough photos for them.

I only just managed to get time the next day in the afternoon to open up my presents >< I slept in since I slept really late the night before so didn't wake up till around 1pm LOL T_T But anwyay! I decided to take photos while opening up to the presents to show you guys! hehe. These are in no particular order since I just put them in the order I opened them in xD The first one is from my best friend ♡ (I decided not to put any names of my friends down in this post for privacy reasons). She gave me a present in such a cute bag! haha

It says "Sleep too much" LOL So cute!

First thing I see when I open the bag is a usamimi from Diva! I had no idea that they sell usamimis O_O But it's so cute!

Inside the bag was a box

I opened up the present and almost screamed...

she got me some Jill Stuart stuff that I really wanted! Lately I've been getting into Jill Stuart cosmetics, the packaging is sooooo cute and the products are really good! The only downside is the price, it's so expensive :(

When I bought Jill Stuart stuff last time, I really wanted to try out their blush but since they were so expensive, I decided not to get them in the end. I was going to buy them later but thought I'd wait a bit until I get more money to buy them.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in #7 Lovely Tulip

The brush is so pretty too!

SO PRETTY! I don't want to use it incase I ruin it! haha

I was also going to get the lip balm she got me! I also was going to get this in my last Jill Stuart order but I forgot to order it in the end haha. I realized that I forgot after I paid so I just thought I'd order it next time. I don't think I even told her that I wanted the lipbalm at all haha, she really knows what stuff I like HAHA xD I just tried the lipbalm before and I LOVE it! Super long lasting and it smells great!

Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm

Thank-you soooo much! The stuff is super expensive T__T Can't wait to try out the blush tomorrow xD I will definitely be using those products in my upcoming videos! I really love the present!

Next is a combined present with a group of friends! They got me perfume + body lotion/wash and a Shu Uemura Face Artchitect Foundation! MY subbies would know how much I love Shu Uemura's Face Architect foundation! It's the only foundation that I can wear everyday without breaking out. My skin tone is pretty bad so I usually never leave the house without foundation. I've tried many foundations from Revlon, to MAC, to Chanel but all of them broke me out if I wore them everyday for a week. They got me some more stuff but one of my friends forgot to bring it but it's ok! haha. I've almost ran out of my foundation so glad I got another backup!

haha how cute! かわいいぃぃぃぃぃ〜〜 w

I love the small perfume, I can bring it around!

A few friends got me some wine ~

Another friend got me a リラックマ toy! so cute!

Some friends got me some hot chocolate and a mug from San Churros!

I got these pretty heart shaped earrings!

I got a really pretty wrapped up present..

When I opened it ...

Bento Box from Japan! I remember I saw this in Loft in Japan! I really wanted to buy it but I was being cheap so I didn't buy it in the end! haha. So glad that I got this! It's so pretty!

From another friend, I got a necklace, earrings and some origami paper! I love doing origami!

Wallet and a top! I love it!

Rose earrings and the cutest chopsticks from another group of friends! The chopsticks will go well with my bento box! hehe

Also got some laterns! They are so adorable!

Some friends got me some stuff from Zakka Box in Perth! I've driven past the shop many times but never have been in before! The stuff is all from Japan!


You can even put your name on it!

To be honest I don't know what this is, I thought it was just a case but inside has that silver.. material thing whatever you call it LOL So it looks like it's something to keep your food warm? I'll have to ask my friends who got this for me what it does xD

Inside the bag:

Earring holder!

The card is so cute!

Some friends got me a gift card! I was going to upload the photo but realized that it had the card number on it, and since I can use the card to buy stuff online I thought it's best to not upload the photo of the card online haha xD

Really cute bag from a friend! I'm going to use it as a travel makeup bag!

Received a pretty heart bracelet!

Mario hat! LOL Wish I received it before because just before my birthday party I had a Mario Kart themed party for someone else's birthday LOL

And finally! Last present! This one is from my boyfriend, I already opened it before my party haha xD But thought I'd take photos for my blog anyway!

GHD Midnight Collection Deluxe

I was so surprised when I opened this! I've never owned a good hair straightener/curler before so I was super happy! I tried this out yesterday and this thing heats up super fast compared to my crappy hair curlers I have! haha.

It comes inside a black case that looks like a treasure chest

When you open the case you see the case for the hair straightener

(I already opened and played around with it haha)

You can lift up the compartment and there is a GHD hair dryer in there!

It also comes with a mirror but I left it at his house since I was getting ready there yesterday haha. I have to learn how to use this properly, I'll get the hang of it soon! I really love this! I didn't expect something so expensive .__. 愛してる!

That's all for my post today! Sorry it's been a while since I've done proper blog posts, I've been quite busy with uni. I have reports due which I haven't started yet T___T But I promise that I will have proper blog posts coming up soon! HUGE thank-you to everyone who wished me happy birthday and for those who came to my party! Love you all!

Until then~!

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oh Congratulations :) You got some pretty presents ^^

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Happy birthday! All your gifts are so cute.

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beautiful work!!! i love these happy birthday images that u publish in this post

Wenni Donna
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You are lucky indeed getting such lavish presents! My friend also gave me a pretty neck accessory and a cool cross bag on my birthday last week. Dinner at one of the best event venues was praised by all. Even I was surprised to see such a manageable handling done by caterers. Rainbow cake was all the way delicious.