Japan trip in January/February 2012?

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So I'm having some serious thoughts of going back to Japan in January/February 2012. I know I already went in January/February 2011 but I really want to go back, there is so much I still want to do over there. This time, I want some more time to myself (i.e. alone time haha) in Japan. I want to explore places on my own, find out new things on my own. When I went to Japan last time, I had a group of people going with me, it was great fun, but I was restricted with the amount of time I had to shop, with the time I wanted to stay at a place to take photos etc.

I really regret not trying out new things when I was over there. I regret not vlogging properly - probably my biggest regret because I find it so hard to put together a Japan video with the random footage I recorded! When I was in Japan last time, I wasn't making Youtube videos, I had a blog but not many people were reading it back then. This time I want to make videos of me giving you guys tours around places in Japan, show you guys new things, maybe do on the go makeup reviews with Japanese makeup brands. So much I can do if I go back!

I also want to see all my friends in Japan again, I miss my friends so much!

The only issue I have right now that is stopping me from going back is MONEY. Why is money always the problem? :( I have a job as a photographer but that really isn't enough as jobs only come during some parts of the year. I also have a job as a photographer at a clothing stores, but I only get called in randomly when they need me. I recently just got myself a casual job so I'm hoping that I am able to get good hours out of it. Also hoping to work full time in December as a Santa Photographer again.

At this stage I think there is an 80% chance I will go back to Japan next year. Next year should be my last year of university, once I'm done I'm going to be working full time. No more time to travel, so that's why I want to do it all now since I have time.

So, my options are:

1. Save up as much as I can and go to Japan around 18th January till around 21st February 2012
2. Save up and go end of next year instead (December 2012)

I would prefer option 1 because the place I live, it's so boring in the holidays, there really is nothing to do. But if I go with option 2, I would definitely have enough money by then and would be able to do more things. What should I do?!? I'm thinking that if I can get some friends to come with me then I probably will go in Jan/Feb. It would be cheaper to split accommodation and we can just do our own thing during the day

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alice san
September 14, 2011 at 10:48 PM delete

AWW!!! that awesome! i hope you really could make there! *finger cross* hehe:P and will waiting you post here:P OMG! u have a lovely blog and i really adore it! :P

Kim Dao
September 15, 2011 at 10:27 PM delete

Thank-you! Really hoping I can go haha <3

September 20, 2011 at 2:41 AM delete

Congrats on finishing up college soon. I can't blame you for wanting to go though, but I have never been. I notice how you said you wanted to do more things...if you can get friends to go with option 1, you'll be able to do those things, right? If so, that should be the first choice. I have a money problem too, so I might never get to go (I'm actually looking forward to visiting Australia, the eastern part though). I'd have to travel with my parents as well, since I don't have friends to travel with. But yeah, I don't care for regrets either, but the high chance of you going back at all should be a little uplifting :)
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