10/02/11 Shizuoka Gakuen - Cooking Class

11:53 PM

It's been way too long since my last Japan post! I will try get all of these done before the end o the year. There are another 10 or so more posts to go ^__^

It's been confirmed that I'm going back to Japan next year! I just bought my tickets the other day. Now just have to work extra hard to save up as much money as I can for my trip~! Also bought a new vlogging camera so will make proper vlog videos too!

In this post I'll be sharing with you guys more photos from my highschool experience. In this day I got to experience a Japanese cooking class ^__^ Was great fun! I actually recorded a lot of the stuff on video but just have to find the time to put it together. Probably after my exams ^_^

As usual I woke up early to go to school~

We were early so we just took some photos

Chiho and I! ♡

Chiho's friend copying homework hahaha

Classes ran as normal~

English work haha

Maths class. They were doing geometric progressions, something that I haven't doe for 5 years so I had no idea how to do them lol

Then we had cooking class! We made roll cake!

Tasted really good!

After that we just had a normal day of school again. I didn't take any other pictures during school but took a photo of my lunch my host mother packed for me

Soooo cute!

After school we decided to hang out with the students from the school. Since they came to Perth last time, we hung out with some of the girls who I met a year ago. We first went to a game center

I love this game! So fun to play!

Thought the sign was funny :P

Streets of Shizuoka

Afterwards after a long time of deciding what to eat, we finally decided to go eat at a BBQ restaurant with spicy hot pot!

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  1. As I know you study Japanese, do you know any good beginner resource/text books ? :) as I'd love to learn Japanese ^_^ Love your blog :333

  2. I love seeing all these pictures! Though I am wondering, how did you get to go to highschool there!? It looks like so much fun xD I really want to go to Japan someday too, but I'm just starting to learn the language.

  3. Wow you seem to be having fun studying in Japan! What is it like?

  4. Hmm you can start off by learning how to read hiragana/katakana, then start learning some grammar structures. I just used a textbook my uni made to learn since I was studying at uni. Otherwise Yookoso is really good if you can get your hands on the book. Also check out their website, they have quite a lot of good notes on there http://www.yookoso.com/

  5. I got in since I'm part of the Japanese club at my university and we do an exchange thing every year where they send some students to Perth for a 2 week exchange and vice versa ^_^ Hope you can go some day! It's a great experience!

  6. It's great fun! I'm going back next year since I had so much fun last time hehe ^__^

  7. Wow! Looks so fun. All the food looks delicious and I hope you have a great time when you go back next. :]

  8. Yey! Another post about Japan. Love them. :) Keep it up Kim! ^_^. Hope you film lots on your trip to January and take lots of pictures. :)

  9. cooking class sounds fun; i was trying to translate the whipped cream looking thing to see what was in it and if i could buy it; google had to correct me though b/c i can't read katakana properly, lol. if it wasn't that good, i might stick to regular heavy whipping cream. i want to be able to learn japanese, but i'm more likely to find more resources in spanish or something.

  10. The cream is called "desatto hoippu" which sounds like "Dessert Whip" when you say it out loud ^^ I can't really taste the difference between the whipped cream so not able to tell you if it's good or not ahah ><

  11. I definetely will be filming a lot! I'm also starting to upload more Japan vlogs on my new vlog channel on youtube ^^

  12. Thank-you! hope next time will be as fun as this time ^__^


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