15/02/11 - 17/02/11 Shopping in Tokyo

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Hi everyone! ^_^

I decided to do another Japan post this time but combining 3 days into 1 haha. These days I just did a lot of shopping so I didn't take many photos, so to get all of these posts done by the time I go to Japan again, I thought I'd just combine them to get them all done on time xD

Since I was being really stingy while in Japan, I realized that I had a lot of money left so I decided to spend it all within my last week in Japan. I didn't do anything interesting but shop so I'll just post the photos I took for you guys to see ^__^

15/02/11 - Harajuku/Shibuya

It was snowing the day before

Went to Harajuku with my boyfriend to have lunch.

Shopped in Harajuku and then went down to Shibuya for more shopping!
We decided to take a quick break in Starbucks Shibuya

The crosswalk

Sakura frapp! I want to have this again, was so good!

You can read some books/manga at starbucks!

With my bf at starbucks! I look soooo tired here, I probably was super tired from all the shopping! haha.

My drink!

My view of the Shibuya crosswalk from starbucks

Night time in Shibuya

That night my bf took me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant, I forgot it's name though T_T

But the food was really good!

We could see Tokyo Tower from our room!

16/02/11 - Asakusa/Akihabara

This particular day we didn't do much since we had to check out of our hotel to move to the hostel we were going to stay at until we leave Japan. We had to also wait for the others who were currently still at the highschool to come meet us in Tokyo as we had to show them around since they only had 3 days in Tokyo.

In front of our hostel we spotted some cute cats running around ^^

My lunch! Soba and curry rice!

We then went to Mister Donut to wait for the others to arrive in Asakusa. They were taking the bus instead since it's cheaper than the bullet train.

We finally met up with them and decided to take them to Akihabara since it's close to Asakusa. I was going to post some funny photos but they maybe NSFW so I won't post them up haha.

So cute!

一万円 sticky taped to the floor :S (Approx $125)


17/02/11 - Harajuku/Shibuya

We were taking the rest of the people who were part of the study tour to shop in Harajuku/Shibuya.

My favourite place to shop in Tokyo!

We went back to an Okonomiyaki place for lunch!

Then we went to Shibuya at night for some shopping!

For dinner we went to a restaurant where everything is 280yen! (Around $3.50)

Then went karaoke! We had a great view from our karaoke room!

That's it for now! My next Japan post will be my last one from my trip in 2011! But there will be much better posts coming up in less than 3 weeks (with a lot more higher quality photos!) 19 more days to go until I go back to Japan! ^___^

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January 4, 2012 at 12:57 PM delete

Takeshita doori is also my favorite place to shop in Tokyo!!! <3<3<3

looking forward to more of your Japan posts :)

Kim Dao
January 5, 2012 at 5:44 PM delete

I'll definitely be going back there! <3 Love cheap clothing! hehe

I might do a video of a tour of that street next time ^^