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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pink & Gold Gyaru Makeup + Hair Tutorial

Hi everyone!

For those that haven't seen yet, I put up a new Gyaru inspired makeup tutorial and also a hair tutorial on Youtube!


Some photos:


Bouncy Spiral Curls:



Hope you guys like them!


THTChristina said...

The makeup looks pretty ^^ And you have really nice skin too!

Rachel said...

very pretty! thanks for sharing :)

kimdao90 said...

Aww thanks ^_^ I was using the beauty function when taking the photos though, so my skin looks a lot better than it actually is haha

Marion ♥ said...

Kim I just love all your makeup tutorials :* <3

SceneGyaruChick said...

your so pretty :) i've started a beauty blog and hope to post some youtube videos. :)