KATE Gradical Eyes Eyeshadow Review 「ケイト グラディカルアイズ」

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Hey guys!

Today I have an eyeshadow review! Exams are actually coming up in a few weeks time but I actually took a few photos for some product reviews so will try to get them up soon!

Today I'm going to review the KATE Gradical Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in BR-2. I already reviewed this a long time ago but I'm going to try something different with all my reviews now so thought I'd do it again!

I've actually had this palette for about 2 years, I have used it a lot, it's one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes! With this palette you can do quick and easy smokey eyes~

Very simple packaging~

Tells you what each eyeshadow is used for.


How I like to use it~

I'm going to be using these numbers as a reference

First take #1 and apply it all over your eyelid. This is an eyeshadow base

Next take #2 and then apply this on the inner half of your upper eyelid, also the inner half of your lower lashline

Take #3 and then apply this on the outer half of your upper lashline

Take #4 and then use this to intensify the colour of the bronze you put on previously, focusing on the area more closer to your lashline

Finally take #5 and then focus this on the outer corners of your eyes to create a smokey effect

Now add some eyeliner and mascara~


Super easy and quick smokey eye look!

You can get this look in just under 3 minutes with this palette!

Overall I really like this palette, definitely one of my favourite looks! The colours are really nice and really pigmented. I have to say that the eye primer isn't great, so I would recommend using a better primer to get the best combination. This item was around 900yen which is around $10 in Japan.

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