Sakura Spring Makeup & Waterfall Braid with Katsun

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About a week ago I uploaded a video in collaboration with my friend Kaotsun! For those of you who don't know, Kaotsun is a K-pop cover dancer on Youtube and is the best one I've seen out there! I met her at a Perth Youtube meet-up we had about 2 years ago, she is one of the sweetest and down to earth person I know ♥

We wanted to do a collaboration for a while but we were both really busy with our own things so it was hard to find a day where we were both free. We finally did about a month ago so we decided to film a makeup and hair tutorial!

I hope you guys like it! It was actually raining that day :( But we were lucky to find an under cover area to film!

And here are some of her dance covers!

We both want to film more videos together so if you guys have any requests please let me know and we will try our best!

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So cute! Love the make-up!
And her dance covers are so cute! ^^

May 14, 2013 at 7:01 AM delete

So cute! I confess I watch a lot of dancing videos on youtube with all 'dem cute girls .. The hair looks so cute!