27/01/11 Tennoji/Karaoke 天王寺でカラオケに行った!

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It was another lazy morning for us since we were going to meet up with Aimi that day to go out shopping and karaoke. Last time when we went to hang out with Aimi and had dinner with her parents, her dad bought us tickets to 3 hours worth of 飲み放題/食べ放題/カラオケ (All you can eat, all you can drink, karaoke). Since we were going to meet her in the afternoon, we just hung around the hostel in the morning and taking our time to do things.

Taiyaki with custard filling for breakfast! The old man who sells this is so nice!

Watching TV and lounging around in the hostel

We then started to head out, on the way we found this vending machine, someone probably knocked it and made all the bottles fall over haha

We got to Tennoji to meet Aimi, first off we had some of the famous pork buns, they're SO GOOD!

Aimi then took us to the 12th floor of the Mio store

She took us to a shop on the 12th floor which I missed out on the last time I came to Mio. They had clothing for quite cheap so I bought this top

There were a few things I wanted to buy when coming over to Japan, one of them was a Japanese/English electronic dictionary. I've been studying Japanese for 2 years now and my kanji is REALLY bad, it's difficult for me to read things because I don't know what it says :( So getting one of these dictionaries was really important for me. It was quite expensive, cost me around $250AUD but it's worth it! haha. It's in colour and the colour of the dictionary is pink :D

I think we made the store owner really happy, all 4 of us bought a dictionary each so they made a lot of money from us in just a few minutes haha.

BYS (blurry photo ><) Not sure if this is in other countries but in Australia you can find this brand everywhere and it's REALLY cheap, right? In Japan they are really expensive O_O
These wallets are just TOO cute! I'm planning to buy a Samantha Thavasa bag when I get back to Tokyo. They are just too pretty!

We then went to the karaoke place! It was all you can eat/drink/karaoke for 3 hours! Unfortunately it was all booked out so we could only stay for 2 hours, but it was really fun and the food was great!

It was a great night out, we had to run to get to the train station because if we didn't we would've missed the last train back to our hostel, but we just made it in time!

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Where did you get the dictionary?