26/01/11 Osaka Aquarium 大阪海遊館

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The night before we were talking about places to go in Osaka. Since we got to Osaka we were just kind of bumming around in our hostel and not going out much, so we decided to go to some sight seeing places. The others wanted to go to the Science museum but I wasn't really interested in going. They also planned to go to the Osaka Aquarium afterwards so I was interested in going to that place since it's quite famous apparently.

Since I wasn't going to the Science Museum, I decided to go to Shinsaibashi to shop for the morning. Shinsaibashi is literally a really long street full of shops. In the morning, we went out to the train station to buy our Aquarium ticket at the train station. If you are in Osaka and planning to catch the subway to the Aquarium, I really recommend you to buy this ticket. The ticket is 2400 yen and it includes 1 full day of free use of the Osaka metro subways. It is worth it since if you have caught the subways before in Osaka, they can get really expensive... The ticket to the Aquarium is 2000 yen so you're only paying 400 yen for an unlimited all day pass.

The Aquarium pass. Since I had that pass I could go anywhere in Osaka using the metro subway lines.

The others went to the Science Museum while I went to Shinsaibashi to do some shopping. If you want to go to Shinsaibashi to shop, it is pretty much just a straight line full of shops. It is full of clothing stores/accessory stores and occasionally a food store. If you want to come here, I would recommend to get off either at Namba Station or Hommachi Station, depending on which way you are coming from on the Midosuji line (one stop before Shinsaibashi) and walk your way either up or down the street. I got off at Shinsaibashi and walked all the way down to Namba station, and ended up having to backtrack to Shinsaibashi station again to walk down the other end where Hommachi Station is. If you go to either Hommachi or Namba station, you can just walk down in one go.

Also, they also have underground shops where the Shinsaibashi station and the Namba stations are. I walked around the underground shops but found that they weren't as great as the shops above the ground. Near Shinsaibashi is America Mura, it's a street which is dedicated to American fashion I think. I didn't spend a lot of time there since I was more interested in Japanese fashion.

I kind of got bored in Shinsaibashi so I decided to catch the subway to Tennoji (with the free metro subway pass).

I went to Mio, the shop I wanted to go to last time with Aimi but it was closed that day. The others messaged me while I was in Tennoji to meet up to go to the aquarium. I wanted to walk around more but oh well. Caught the subway back to Shinsaibashi to meet the others. We then caught the subway again to get to the Aquarium

The seals were so cute and playful!


They had a section full of clown fish, so cute!


I ran into a mirror haha. We finished looking around in the aquarium so went to the souvenir shop

Went outside later to see all the nice lights~! But we couldn't stay long, it was really cold that night T_T

It was a fun day and I would recommend going to the aquarium. It is quite large and has many interesting fish there. As I've already been to the aquarium in Perth a few times I didn't think it was such a big deal, but it is good to go visit at least once in Osaka.

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