Last night in Japan 日本で最後の日

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I know I haven't updated this blog in ages! T_T When I was in Shizuoka I didn't have much access to internet so I was really behind on blogging, but I did write up some blogs to post up once I get back to Perth. Tonight is my last night in Perth and it will be my last time posting in Japan. I will definetely be posting my other posts I plan to write up about being in Japan though so please check back later! I'll be writing about my experiences in going to Hiroshima, going to a Japanese highschool and having a white Valentines Day!

I can't really post much today because I have to pack my stuff (went on massive shopping spree in the past few days and have to re-pack T_T) so I will update once I'm back in Perth! I also took many videos while on this trip so I will be posting them on youtube once I've edited them :D

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