27/01/12 - Tennoji

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Hey guys!
I find that during my exam period, I always want to blog or edit more videos haha. I finished editing a video last night, just have to do voiceovers so I will upload it very soon! I realized this year I haven't been updating much on Youtube, I have only been updating once a month when I used to update almost every week last year T_T These holidays I will try my best to update heaps on both my blog and Youtube! If you guys have any requests please let me know~

Today I'm going to blog about my day in Tennoji. I didn't take many photos that day because I wanted to dedicate this day to vlogging around my favourite shopping malls (I did vlog inside Liz Lisa for a while too!), so I will edit those videos after my exams are over! Because we were in shopping malls most of the time, we couldn't take many photos since most malls in Japan with the Japanese branded clothing don't let you take photos, they tell you off if you do T_T So I had to vlog secretly inside haha.

Look of the day~

So that day we decided to take the subway so we can get a 1-day pass, since we planned to go to the main shopping districts in Osaka to vlog. Last year I got the pass, it was called a "No my car" pass lol. This year they changed it

"Enjoy Eco Card". You can ride on any subway for the whole day (excluding private railways like Hankyu).

First stop is Tennoji, one of my favourite places to shop!
Janelle on the train~

We went to MIO first, I vlogged around most of this mall.

MIO is one of my favourite malls in Osaka. They have many Japanese brands in here, including Liz Lisa, INGNI, Samantha Thavasa, Snidel etc.

Unfortunately we couldn't take many photos in there cos we got told off. I managed to vlog inside because my vlog camera looks like a phone haha.

Saw a girl making a cake in a window of a pastry store on the higher up floors of MIO

After shopping in MIO, we then went to have lunch. If you are ever in Osaka, you MUST try out 551HORAI, the best nikuman you'll ever taste, seriously. There are a few around Osaka, this one is in Tennoji station, just outside the entrance of MIO.

They are made really fresh!

Only thing is that it is only takeaway, so we bought a set of Nikuman but then went to a coffee shop to eat it. We ended up walking to Q's Mall, and decided to go into a coffee shop called "Tullys"

We decided to buy a random drink to share, so we tried out this orange flavoured drink (can't remember what it's called T_T). But it was amazingly good!

From Janelle's camera. I think I was posting on twitter at the time?

Nikuman time!

"Butaman" which means Pork Buns

Comes with mustard, but I'm not a huge fan of mustard so I rather eat it plain.

A cute photo of Janelle eating a nikuman haha

Love how it's so juicy. I really want one right now :(

After that we did more shopping! In Q's Mall they have a mini version of Shibuya109 (I think it's called Shibuya109 Abeno). It is A LOT smaller than Shibuya109 and is missing out on a lot of stores (no Liz Lisa :(), but they do have quite a number of stores you can check out there.

We also went to Ito Yokado (I think that's what it's called? I can't really remember T_T) which is a store that sells a lot of things for everyday needs such as utensils, food, makeup etc. They were having a sale on hair dye so I bought a few Palty ones, haven't used them yet but when I do I'll be sure to blog about it! These photos were all taken by Janelle so I'll post them since I was too busy shopping :P

Valentines day was coming up so there are heaps of cute chocolates selling around in Japan!

Anyway, I have to get back to study haha, I probably won't have time to update until after my exam is over which is in less than a week, so until then!

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